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Who is Bolas? A new villain from the free online game RaiderZ featured exclusively on tonight!

The kingdom of Rendel has known only war since the First Stone crashed into the world, corrupting its creatures into a horde of vicious beasts. As the hunters return to their homes, victorious after the battle against the Chimera, peace has returned to the lands. Citizens are rebuilding their devastated world, the Great Wall of Silence is saved ... but for how long?

Rumor has it about a dragon-like creature wandering the fields near the Great Wall of Silence. Described as a fiercer abomination than the Merciless Chimera, the citizens of Rendel near the Great Wall constantly live in fear of this beast known as Bolas.

A call to arms has been made to the greatest hunters of Rendel. Early reports from the scouts and militia speak of Bolas' fearsome strength, formidable fiery breath, and ability to take flight with ease, landing on soldiers with swiftness despite his gigantic stature. The Kingdom of Rendel needs you. Are you going to answer the call?

Do not hesitate to tell me about your hunts, HunterZ friends!

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