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Here are the codex - bestiary entries that you will find on Voss. Map of the planet with the location where you will find these species. 


Cyber ​​creatures

Creature giving codex entry: Cybernetic Vorantikus (level 46)

You will find them in the cave named  "Cybercreature Training Center"

Codex entry

Fascinated by technology, the Gormaks conduct extensive experiments in the field of organic-cybernetic hybrids, using Voss's fauna as a guinea pig. The Gormaks are regularly on the hunt to capture the mawvorr, shaclaws and even the dreaded vorantiki alive so that they can implant cybernetic components and obtain monstrous cybercreatures.

While the Voss condemn these barbaric acts, it is noteworthy that the Gormaks view these cyber creatures as enhanced versions of what nature wants to offer. Given that cybercreatures are sharper, stronger, and far more dangerous than their natural counterparts, this is a valid argument.

The cybernetic implants allowing the Gormaks to modify the behavior of cyber-creatures, to which they give simple and precise instructions. Logically, cyber creatures are excellent guardians of the Gormak lands.



Creature Granting Codex Entry: Corrupted Shaclaw Root Remover (Level 45 Elite)

Codex entry

A large insect with a shell, the shaclaws use their powerful front claws to burrow into the ground, in search of the roots and underground mammals that make up their diet. However, in the face of danger, they can also use these claws to tear the flesh or the shell of their enemies.

The Gormaks are crazy about shaclaw meat, however, within minutes of its death, the insect gives off a dead poison that makes its flesh poisonous. To remedy this, the Gormaks have mastered the art of capturing and cooking shaclaws alive.

Xeno-anthropologists soon noticed that the Gormaks only consumed shaclaws during feasts celebrating coming of age, where capturing and preparing the meal is at the heart of the celebratory ritual. The Voss reject this symbolic interpretation and argue that cooking a living creature serves to prove the barbaric savagery of the Gormaks.



Creature giving codex entry: Mawvorr Thalak (46 strong)

You will find them in the heroic zone "Graveyard" (Nightmare Lands)

Codex entry

Carnivores reigning in the wilderness around Voss-Ka, mawvorrs are generally considered opportunistic hunters. Rather than cautiously stalking their prey, they prefer to prey on injured predators or stray humans, although in groups they are more reckless. Thus, it is not uncommon for them to attack the powerful vorantiki.

The mawvorr are also known to attack the Gormaks, even though they refuse to eat their corpses. This strange behavior suggests that the mawvorr are guardians or protectors who hate the Gormaks. For this reason, the Voss make sure to preserve their presence around Voss-Ka.

This symbiotic relationship can go a long way when mawvorrs run out of food. One day, a Mystic saw a vision of several unarmed Voss, venturing into the wilderness to be devoured by the mawvors.



Creature giving codex entry: Patriarch Vorantikus (level 46 strong)

Codex entry

Reigning unmistakably at the top of the food chain on Voss, the vorantikus is the predator and most dangerous on the planet, if not the industry. Strongly muscular and constantly hungry, vorantiki are solitary hunters who roam the wilderness in search of their next meal.

Venerated by the Gormaks for their strength and courage, the vorantiki are often depicted in primitive designs found in their dwellings. The scenes usually depict a vorantikus devouring a Mystic Voss, or wreaking havoc on Voss-Ka, although no historical record records such an attack on the capital of Voss.

The study of vorantikus is the key to understanding the evolutionary "arms race" that takes place among the fauna of Voss. The animals on this planet are much larger, more aggressive and more hardy than in similar environments, and the vorantikus possesses the basic characteristics of the "superpredator". What kind of environment (or unnatural intervention) could have given rise to the vorantikus, and what are the influences of such a creature on the world around it?

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