SWTOR - Dread Palace: Calphayus

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We continue to dig into the operation with the third Dread Palace boss: Calphayus

Hard Mode: 1 health


Important points

These points only concern the present. The past and future are detailed in the next section.

  • Players placed in front of Calphayus are regularly knocked out by the attack "Inevitability". This places a 10 second curse that will kill you on the first fag of the boss.
  • A random player placed at a distance regularly receives a red zone of 15 meters under his feet. This zone remains for 10 seconds and inflicts medium damage that will need to be healed.
  • You cannot send more than four people at another time.
  • It is impossible to go back to the previous time (except on the 3rd phase)


Course of the fight

As with other bosses, you first need to organize yourself! So divide your group into two as follows:

  • Group called "Aoe" composed of 1 Tank, 1 Healer and 2 damage classes. This group will go in the past in phase 1.
  • Group called "Burst" composed of 1 Tank, 1 Healer and 2 large direct damage classes. Avoid players who do damage over time and favor those who can heal. This group will go in the future in phase 1.

Once done, you can type!


The only two things to deal with during this phase are Inevitability and the red zone:
  • For the first, your main tank must turn the boss back to the group so that he is the only one thrown. The exchange with the secondary tank is done during the casting of the spell.
  • For the second, all you have to do is move 15 meters away from each other.

Phase 1

Your group is therefore divided between the past and the future, and your goal is to fulfill the prophecy.
  • In the past, you have to protect a seed for 1 minute and then plant it in a planter. But not just any ! The one where the tree is visible in the future. Regarding the enemies, target the looters as a priority by interrupting their incantations, then the raiders. You have the choice to kill the corrupters or not.
  • In the future, you must kill an enemy before that enemy finishes their casting or you will see a mass affliction decimate your party. To do this, it is recommended that everyone type it! Your healer has time to reassemble the group before the next enemy spawns.

Phase 2

Each group must change portal to go to the time it has not yet been.
  • In the future, you have to hit the boss until he bounces on a fountain. He then finds himself under a shield and incines his dark self-power thanks to the power of the crystal which he explodes. This spell will simply decimate your entire party if left uninterrupted. The only way you have is to destroy the crystal in question in the past. To indicate its location, first indicate the fountain (by a number between 1 and 4) then the direction (right, left, up and down)
  • In the past, take advantage of the few seconds you have in front of you to take down the life of the crystals. I advise you to put three crystals from the same fountain at 50%. With any luck, you'll come across one of the three. When the group of the future indicates to you the crystal to kill, go for it because you have only 30 seconds in front of you.

Final phase

This phase is decisive to kill Calphayus because your time is limited. This is why you must choose the 2 players from the past carefully. Indeed, the enrage does not only depend on the duration of the 2 yellow zones of the future but also on an overall time over the entire fight.
  • In the past, 2 players will have to successively recover a pyramid on the altar located behind the throne, return to the present thanks to the portal and then place it on the altar to the left or to the right of the throne. You cannot of course place the 2 pyramids on the same altar. Take a damage class for the first and a tank for the second. Here are the most interesting classes:
    • Assassin / Shadow: This is the fastest class. Place its phase near the portal. You can then teleport right after taking the object and then a force speed to get to the altar.
    • Specialist / Vanguard & Marauder / Sentinel: This one can charge a crystal then use his Hydraulic Manipulation / Immutability or Predation / Transcendence
    • Secret agent / Thief: This one can chain the rolls.
  • In the future, you just have to wait until the pyramid is placed on the altar to see a yellow area appear on the ground. Place Calphayus in this area without being there yourself to remove his shield. The damage classes must first have placed all their spells over time in order to be able to chain the biggest hits during these few seconds. A minimum of 9% is required to hope to kill him.



This boss is not very complicated but requires real communication within the group. Once you're well organized, it should go away on its own. Only the enrage, rather short, risks making you fail the first few times.



  • 78 type Token boots
  • 1 random coin out of set 78
  • 1 exotic element equalizers
  • 2 generator mass manipulation
  • 6 ultimate distinctions
  • 8 elite distinctions




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