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The first major content update for Raiderz will be released on March 21. RaiderZ is an action-MMORPG, which sends the player to the planet Velix and offers a dynamic game mode, without targeting and without predefined classes.

This update will include a new zone, Kowen Marsh, with the Temple of Renas dungeon, as well as a PvP arena for 1v1 or 3v3 battles. These new zones will be an opportunity for players to leave. in search of new recipes and new equipment, fight new monsters and thus level up to level 40.


Kowen Marsh

Kowen Marsh is land with a dark curse. Deep in these lands, brave adventurers will discover its dungeon, the Temple of the Renas, which is home to terrible enemies, such as Frorogi, the Keeper of the Breath of Light, as well as the frightening Kuld and his devastating attacks. Defeating these enemies will guarantee rewards to match, with among other things materials that will allow you to create very powerful items. There will be a total of 440 new crafting recipes to collect and over 100 new quests to complete.


New arena

In the new battle arena, Rendel's heroes will be able to face each other in 1v1 or 3v3 battles. Thanks to the search interface, players of similar skill levels will be teleported directly into the arena and can start fighting. Participants will receive rewards which can be redeemed for equipment. For new adventurers who do not yet know which combat style to adopt, a special tutorial will be offered: in an instantiated zone, players can create new characters and try out different styles to find the one that suits them.


As a bonus, here is the trailer for the expansion:

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