Riders of Icarus - Families: Castel Hakain

The world of Riders of Icarus is full of pets to tame. Let's find out together where they hide and, for some, how to tame them.

After having explored the region of Brakarr Forest, let's go to the side of the capital, Castel Hakain.

There are 12 familiars to tame, granting you a "Familiar Collector's Saddle" as a reward.


Global Map

  1. Prairie caribou
  2. King's caribou
  3. Haquénée by Castal Hakain
  4. Wild leopard
  5. Prairie bear
  6. Roncin d'Hakanas
  7. Bakkhus
  8. Barios
  9. Aged caribou
  10. Pluto
  11. Skar

Prairie caribou

King's caribou

Be careful, it is named "Large Antler Reindeer" in game.

Haquénée de Castel Hakain

Wild leopard

Prairie bear

Roncin d'Hakanas


To be able to tame it, you must first advance in the main quest. You can then take a quest from the missions panel. She will reward you with a "Mark of Bakkhus". Keep it safe, we are going to need it!

Go to the position shown and look for a big black bear. You shouldn't miss it.

Watch out for other bears nearby who might annoy you. The wisest thing would be to draw Bakkhus a little further away to be quiet. If the taming fails or you die, then another mark should be recovered.


Aged caribou


Things get tough! To have the honor of riding Court-au-vent, you must first obtain your mark. The Mark recipe is obtained from the Khabim priests, located in the graveyard in the Hakanas Mountains area. They are of elite rank, level 26-28 and the recipe is extremely rare. So get ready to farm, farm and farm again.

You can also buy it at the auction house (as of this writing, it can be bought for 1gp and trifles.)

Once the recipe has been obtained, you must bring together the ingredients:

  • Albino Ashtail x5
  • Blueflame Phoenix x5
  • Familiar Orb x30
  • Elite Taming Potion x2

Once the mark is made, you can try to tame Court-au-vent. It is not static and often does little turns. Here is a map proposed by gamepedia and which shows the path it takes and the times it arises. They also advise to stand at one of these points and wait for Court-au-vent to show up. Once he's there, lower his life total a bit, to make taming easier.


To tame it, it will already have to appear. Go to the Familiar Academy.

Then kill the Reniti (unicorns) present until Pluto (the black unicorn) appears.



Now it's your turn to go hunting!

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