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You may have noticed, above your Sim's portrait there are bubbles.

These are actions your Sim wants to take that earn you reward points. You can also earn it when you perform a suction. These points are a bargaining chip that will allow you to give your Sim a potion with a temporary effect or an additional and definitive trait. These rewards can be of invaluable help in completing your Sim's aspiration or simply improving their living conditions.


Where can I find the rewards?

You need to go to the Rewards Shop. To do this, click on the star, at the bottom of your screen, which corresponds to your Sim's aspiration, then, on Rewards store. A new window opens with all the rewards.


Instant entertainment : brings guaranteed entertainment.


Instant hygiene : for immediate hygiene needs.


Concentrated potion : to make your Sim temporarily focused.


Happiness potion : to make your Sim temporarily happy.


Confidence potion : to make your Sim temporarily confident.


Dredge potion : to make your Sim temporarily flirtatious.


Inspired potion : to make your Sim temporarily inspired.


Energized potion : To make your Sim temporarily energized.


Sleep replacement : for an immediate need for energy.


State of mind canceller : instantly removes negative states of mind.


Quick cleaner : faster cleaning.


Gym pillar : development of the entertainment skill by playing sports + healthy lifestyle.


Always welcome : feel more comfortable in the residences of other Sims without disturbing the hosts.


Instant build : slim down a bit.


Instant slimming : drink effective diet.


Fast reader : read books faster than other sims.


Mentor : Allows Teacher Sims (who have reached skill level 10) to help other Sims improve their skills faster.


Night Bird : allows you to have additional skills at night.


Negotiator : sale of items made by your Sim possible.


Youth potion : Allows your Sim to rejuvenate.


Free services : Single service requests are free.


Thrifty : invoices are cheaper.


Initiative : allows to have more chance of being promoted in the professional career.


Independent : makes deterioration slow for social need.


Observer : immediate knowledge of the traits of other Sims encountered.


Shamelessly : never embarrassed.


Steel bladder : almost no need to go to the toilet anymore


Visionnaire : more chance to paint or write a masterpiece.


Captivating : possibility of seducing a Sim with a simple glance.


Has relations : allows you to start a career several levels ahead.


Antiseptic : makes deterioration slow for the sake of hygiene.


Good at kissing : more success and increased charisma skill with each kiss.


Fertile : Makes it easier to have children and increases the possibility of having twins or triplets.


Carefree : never stretched.


Professional slacker : no more fear of being demoted or fired.


Never tired : no need to sleep anymore.


Little eater : small appetite.


Learned : faster skill improvement.


Super green thumb : allows you to plant plants of extraordinary vitality.

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