Rift - 3.4: Directly from PTS # 2

Thanks to Pîlou @ Brisesol, here is the latest info from the test server!



  • New 155% mounts at a lower price than currently.

  • "Aquatic Mount Training" is now available for purchase for Platinum Coins.
  • All level 50-60 currencies (PvE, dungeons and raids) as well as lvl1-50 source stones have been removed. Equipment using these currencies is available for Platinum Coins (for armor) and Void Stones (for weapons).

Other changes concern the prices of credits and subscriber offers, for this you can reread the dedicated article.



A "Primalist vocation pack" is available in the store for 5250 credits (non-subscribed price). This pack contains only the souls of the Primalist, without the bonuses of the "Wild Pack" at 100 €.

For the primalist, here is the description of each soul:

  • Titan : the Titan is a tank that stands between its allies and those who wish them harm; he uses Fury and Cunning to absorb immense damage and prevent further attacks.
  • Saviour : the Savior is a healer focusing on a single target. His Primal Cunning allows him to keep his allies alive during combat.
  • Berserker : the Berserker leaves in its wake an atmosphere of death. He quenches his thirst for combat by slashing enemies with multiple strikes.
  • Typhoon : The Typhoon uses attacks that sweep entire groups of enemies; he juggles the capacities of Water and Air to prepare and unleash a wave of devastating attacks.
  • Derviche As fast as the wind, the Dervish excels in close quarters combat. He uses Cunning and Fury, distributing blows from activated powers with ease when the bar is at maximum on either side of the focus bar.

For the last one, there are no translations yet, so here is the English version:

  • Vulcanist : The Vulcanist is a single target ranged DPS soul capable of unleashing a flurry of rock and lava on their enemies. Fury is to thank for much of their damage, though Harmony yields advantages, too.

And a personal translation:

  • Vulcanists : The Vulcanist is ranged DPS focusing on a single target. He is able to unleash an avalanche of rocks and lava on his enemies. He resorts to harmony and maximum Cunning or Fury to increase his damage.

3.4 should normally arrive on October 7 without Tier 3 raids (they will arrive a little later).

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