Rift - Achievements: the jumps of Tynandra and Brunante

The stunts in Mathosia weren't enough for you? Want to go free fall in the continents of Storm Legion? Follow the guide !


As for Mathosia, performing all the jumps of Tynandra and Brunante will make you accomplish the feat "Empyrean Aviator", giving you the title"Birds".

  • Cap Yule: Paf et Plouf
  • Pelladane: a para without falls
  • Heart of the City: drunken dive
  • Serratos: falls in the camps
  • Fiefs of the Orient: domain of Madness
  • Morban: Oh, is that all?
  • Ardent region: vineyard leap
  • Protectorate of the King: others have done it before you
  • Ashora: as long as it is not a mirage
  • Infinity Steppes: Angel's Leap
  • Rhizome: Rhizome diver



Cap Yule


Start by going here, at coordinates 7578, 11977.


Jump on the STBT rails and head north.


You will quickly understand why this feat is called "Paf ou Plouf". The goal will be to jump into the water, somewhere deep enough. Unfortunately, the error zone is thin, you will have to jump right in at the right place. And this place is the little platform on the right.


To reach the ledge, I advise you to go in reverse, which will avoid an unfortunate jump into the void, and make you come back on foot. Once you reach the ledge, just drop and "splash"!




On the way now for the ruins of Tammark, for a little session of climbing on the roofs. Go to get started here:


Climb the small hill then jump on the roofs.


From here, a little advice, do not take the mount, if you want to avoid an unfortunate prank leading you straight into the water, and forcing you to come a long way back. Jump from roof to roof to get to the jump point.


On the right, jump on the small roof and you are ready for the jump.


Get out your mount, because you will have to jump over the small roof below. Jump at the right time, and again a nice jump made.


Heart of the City


Go to coordinates 6630, 8508.


You can see a long vine, which will have to be climbed. Depart from this spot and gain some momentum to land on the vine. Don't worry if you have a hard time going up, the collisions are a bit annoying and cause you to slide. Persevere, and go over to the green side, and you should be climbing without much concern.


At the top, position yourself as in the picture, and jump south to land in the small pond at the bottom.



Title: Extreme diver


Close to the Necropolis, you can see a pretty waterfall. Are you thinking the same as me?


Climb the waterfall bypassing it on the right and stand on the rock in the middle.


Gain some momentum and jump far to land in the water.


Strongholds of the Orient


At the southern end of the region is the Abri des Gorges du Marécage. Remember, during the story quest, you were taken into dreams. In just one of these dreams, you were to talk to a woman on top of a tower. When you get to the top, go back down the fast lane and you get your success.

Have you done the story quest before, but not this feat? Don't worry, there is always a solution. Meet at the Abri des Gorges du Marécage.


Enter the small mausoleum, with the mailbox, then go through the small hole in the wall in the basement.


To access the dream, activate the cocoon of Diago Arkella, at the foot of the waterfall.


Once in the dream, the tower to climb is on your left.


Climb using the platforms on the side of the tower. Your jumping ability is tripled, have you fun?

Once at the top, a little dive and it's over.




Meet west of Morban, at coordinates 12520, 7130.


Go around the cliff passing through the somewhat inhabited ruins.


Face the water and be careful not to fall on the rocks.


Fiery land


At coordinates 6150, 9817 you will find a vineyard that you can climb.


Settle in at the top, take out the mount and gain some momentum so you can jump into the deep water.


King's Protectorate


Go to the armory, in the northeast of the region, and climb one of the towers that overlook the small pools.


Stand on the ledge of one of them, and for fun, make a bomb!




There is little water in the desert regions of Ashora. Shall we take a dip? Direction coordinates 1818, 7182 and climb the small high rock.


A little momentum, and it feels like Splash, the TF1 show!


Steppes of infinity


Go to the Hanging Summits, at coordinates 16815, 6014.


We will have to get off the beaten track a bit to be able to find the base. Follow the guide :


At the top of the "diving board", be careful not to play the big nags, be careful not to fall, aim for the body of water, a little momentum and you're done. The use of the frame is strongly recommended.



The Rhizome


It's already time for the last dive, yes! Meet in Shok Forest, coordinates: 4545, 5080.


Follow the arrows that show you the way.


When you reach your destination, look down, you see a small body of water. You will have to jump between the two branches to validate the exploit.



Find our guide on Mathosia's jumps to prolong the fun.

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