Rift - An overview of the store

I got to wander around the test server for a bit this afternoon, and guess what, lucky guys? I've brought you lots of info on the store, which will be available when f2p launches on June 12th.

Thanks to this first overview, it is possible to see a little the prices that will be charged. See therefore:


You can see the REX option on the right. REX is a tradable item that can be sold at the auction house. These REX give the user 1250 credits. A good way for Trion to fight against the gold merchants and a way for the refractory to the shop to spend credits without touching the wallet.

Now let's take a look at the heart of the store, which is classified into 13 categories.


In this category, you will find "practical" services for your character and your guild. You will thus find subscriber passes that allow you to benefit from the advantages of a subscriber, for 3, 15 or 30 days.

Here are the real money conversions:

  • 3 days: € 2,46
  • 15 days: € 7,38
  • 30 days: € 12,30

You will also find in this category changes of faction, as well as of name for your character and your guild.

But also items, such as the Transfiguration Trinket, which allows you to give the appearance of an object to another, or items to remove a rune from an equipment or an essence from a planar focus.



In this category, you will find items allowing you to increase the gain of experience, notoriety and currency for 2 hours, and whose effect persists after death.

Experimental vials

Vials of notoriety

Badge tablets


Each item has three effect levels:

  • Lower: increases gain by 15%
  • From the trader: increases the gain by 50%
  • Superiors: increases gain by 100%


Safes and keys

Keys are available for sale, which presumably open chests that can be obtained in-game.

Very mysterious crates are also available, with a very mysterious content.

There are also chests containing dimensional items.



In the Equipment category, there is ... well, yes, equipment! You can see several categories, listing the different types of equipment:

I'm not going to show you everything, as it would take a considerable amount of time, but I will give you some examples of what can be found there. Take bundles, they are in fact complete equipment packs, classified according to level (1-9, 10-19, 20-29, etc.) and according to class and role (tank - heal - dps). These packs are accessible either in credit or in turntables, or in game currency such as planarites.

For example, at my current level (33), playing dps spec thief, here is what I might find useful:

Now let's imagine that I'm a level 55 Cleric specializing in tanking, here's what I could get:


  • Neophyte (level 1-9): 140 credits or 24pp
  • Initiated (level 10-19): 400 credits or 60pp
  • News (level 20-29): 1000 credits or 150pp
  • Adept (level 30-39): 1620 credits or 240pp
  • Expert (level 40-49): 2400 credits or 360pp
  • Elite (level 50-59): 3240 credits or 480pp


The Armor and Weapons categories initially group together the equipment available in the bundles, but which can be purchased individually.


The other tabs group together miscellaneous equipment, such as runes, foci and planar essences, etc.




The category groups together all the gear you can find in PvP, armor, weapons or secondary gear, like props, planar focuses and essences, etc. Before level 60, every piece of gear is available for purchase. with Favor, the PvP currency.

At level 60, only sets 6 and 7 are accessible with credits.



In this category, you can find a lot of cosmetic items, available at various prices and grouped into several tabs.

In the Outfits menu directly, you will have access to packs bringing together several elements of the same outfit.


The first tab offers a countless number of outfit items, which can be obtained for 400 or 500 credits depending on the pieces.

The second tab, Costumes, groups together the costume elements that can be obtained with the different currencies in the game, be it Platinum, Lucky Coins, Favor, etc.

The last tab gathers the Tinctures, available with plates.



No big surprises, the Drinks menu allows you to buy the drinks you can usually buy from General Goods NPCs.



You can buy mounts in the store, for credits or in-game currency.

Adaptable speed

Speed ​​+ 60%

Speed ​​+ 90%

Speed ​​+ 110%

Speed ​​+ 130%

Speed ​​+ 150%



Collectors will be in heaven. Of course, the store has a lot of cute little pets, even pets from world events, such as the Winter Festival, Carnival, etc.

Depending on the familiar, you will have to spend either credits (between 20 and 400 credits, see 1000 for the three most expensive), or in-game currencies.



In this tab, you will have access to a choice of bags of all kinds to store your items, from 4 to 32 locations.



The Manufacturing tab gathers plans of all kinds, for all trades, whether it is the manufacture of weapons and armor, collecting, fishing, etc., from 45 to 750 credits, or purchasable with brands of craftsman and turntables.



Careful, big chunk. The Dimensions tab is the densest in the Rift store, gathering keys to unlock Dimensions, decor items, lighting, furniture, building blocks, and more.




Global events

In this tab it will be possible to spend the currencies obtained during past world events or spend credits to obtain some.


Of course, it is possible that by June 12 the prices will change, or even the contents of the store.

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