SWTOR - Producer Livestream 15/01: summary

As announced recently, the first of the monthly livestreams with Ben Irving and Eric Musco took place tonight. Here is the summary of the announcements made on the program: chapter X, confection, eternal championship eeeeeeet new war zone!


State of the galaxy

  • Recent community discussions include group content, Galactic Market research concerns, events, conquest rewards, and the Cartel Market.
  • Regarding group content: a lot of people didn't have the opportunity to do group content because it is "outdated" with Shadow of Revan, in terms of history. The developers therefore wanted to make new group content for KotFE and make the old one no longer "outdated". They also understand that for the more veteran players who have already made this content, they would like something new, it is completely legitimate. However, they cannot announce anything concrete for the moment even if they intend to add group content (note: this does not necessarily mean operation).
  • Regarding the Galactic Market: thanks from the developers, to the people who provided a large amount of information following their recent request. This helped to isolate the problem.
  • Concerning the events: several concerns with the events in December, suddenly, they will be back in January, see our article on this subject.
  • Regarding Conquest Rewards: There have been issues with Guild Rewards lately, but by tomorrow everyone should have received them.
  • No real info to share about the Cartel Market changes at this time, but there are more details to come.
  • For the moment nothing more to say about potential new events than "Yes it would be cool to have new ones"


Changes since the last live announcements

Attention spoilers on the story

  • The Eternal Championship and Bowdaar as a partner, planned for Chapter X will finally arrive in Chapter XI due to some issues.
  • In exchange, Blizz will be available in Chapter X.
  • Every month there will be a new chapter, but not only that. Each chapter comes with a game update.
  • Regarding partners, there will generally be no partner recruitment chain (having one before being able to retrieve the next). However, there are exceptions.


Chapter X

  • Arrival February 11
  • We have not yet had real differences according to the choices, but we will be able to see that in chapter X, moreover one of the choices of chapter X will have important consequences of which we will only see one aspect during this chapter.


Spoiler on the history of KotFE

Blizz Recruitment Mission

  • We'll meet Blizz and his new crew of jawas.
  • It will be on Hoth a priori.
  • It's a recruiting mission that may be quite funny.


Updated crew skills

  • Comes with Chapter X.
  • Increased crafting level to 550.
  • We can manufacture new equipment and modifications.
  • There will be new materials.
  • Also to come: reorganization of missions.
  • By the end of January we'll have much more detailed information, through at least two developer blogs, and not just in English. For information, the report of the changes in crew skills, given by the manager to Ben Irving, was over six pages long.
  • We will be able to find through crew skills old equipment appearances that have disappeared from the game and are in great demand. Example with the following image (Elite War Hero Gear - PvP).


January and February Subscriber Rewards

  • Subscriber as of January 11: HK-55 as a companion.
  • Subscribed on February 1:
    • 2 days early access to Chapter X.
    • jetpack in the style of HK-55.
  • Each month by being the first subscriber, another reward. There is one person who works almost exclusively on this point now.
  • Find the summary of the previous livestream for more information on this subject.


Class balancing

  • They wonder how to proceed, small regular class updates, or bigger spaced ones?
  • Last year the changes were small but more often. The impact does not seem very important to Ben Irving.
  • He thinks more spaced and larger updates might therefore be a better idea for this year.
  • In any case, he would like the opinion of the community on this point.


Concours NVIDIA "Build your alliance"

  • Remember that there is still this contest, but that it ends this Sunday, January 17, so you have to hurry to participate.
  • The idea is to record a video while playing Fallen Empire. The details are there.
  • Allows you to win gaming computers as well as graphics cards.
  • Ben and Eric were able to watch some videos, some videos are very nice and creative, they invite us to take a look even if we do not intend to participate in the contest.


New War Zone and PvP

  • The start date for the next Ranked PvP Season will be announced soon.
  • Regarding the next war zone, we have no details, but it will take place on the planet Odessen as shown in the image below.
  • Details will be given during the producer's next live in February.
  • No release date announced, but it should be within 6 months of the February announcement. So basically between February and August.
  • It will be a "King of the Hill" game mode (note: the goal is to stay in a defined area in order to earn points).
  • There will be several hills and their position will be random.
  • Yesterday was the first game developer test, and it was a lot of fun.


Spoilers on Chapter XI

Eternal Tournament / Championship

  • To the question if this will be something very easy for a veteran of the game, the answer is yes and no.
  • This addition will come with Chapter XI.
  • It is a solo challenge to test the skills of the players. However, there may be the possibility of doing it in a group but without the rewards.
  • There will be 10 boss encounters in this championship:
    • The first 5 should be "easy" so that everyone can do them.
    • The last 5 on the contrary will be more difficult, finishing will be a real challenge.
  • It will be in weekly mode (possible changes) with three weekly missions:
    • Defeat the first 5 bosses.
    • Defeat the first 7 bosses.
    • Defeat all 10 bosses.
  • The reward is still debated, the first bosses will surely give something basic while the final boss could give a coin equivalent to an operation level.
  • You only need to have completed Chapter IX to be able to participate in the Eternal Tournament.
  • On some bosses, there will potentially be very rare and very nice loot.
  • We can recruit Bowdaar through this tournament. Defeating a boss grants reputation. Defeating only the first bosses will take multiple cycles to recruit Bowdaar while passing all ten bosses should recruit him in a single cycle.



Finally after these announcements, Eric and Ben made two reminders: the NVIDIA contest which ends Sunday, and that there will be a livestream in two weeks (January 28) with Charles Boyd to talk about everything related to the history, chapters but also for example the romances.


Review the livestream


Update 15/01 : some additions were given by Eric on the official forum:

  • With Update 4.1 (Chapter XI), the last boss in a Nightmare Mode operation will give Gear Index 224 for sure. Other bosses will continue to have only one chance to drop them.
  • All Crew Skills will have their maximum level increased to 550, even Hacking.
  • It will be possible to have your partner with you during the Eternal Tournament / Championship.


Personally, the return of certain outfits looks makes me hope for a very particular Zionist outfit, and I find that there were some interesting announcements in this first monthly live. And you, what do you think of the announcements, and what do you expect from them?

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