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Butchering is one of the three harvesting professions that you will be able to learn.



The Butcher's Shop allows you to collect certain components:

  • Skins, mainly used by tailors, and to a lesser extent by armor makers.
  • Bones and teeth, which are used exclusively by apothecaries, as ingredients in potions.



Butchering can be learned at the end of the tutorial, when you arrive at the Divine Landing for the Guardians, by talking to Kernan Wittle, or at the Ark of the Chosen for the Forsaken.

You must first learn the Novice skill, which will allow you to unlock the Butcher's Shop.

Once you've learned Butchery, all you need to do is collect the components directly from the corpses of enemies, such as wolves in Silver Glade. Hover over the corpse, and if you can grab the components, the cursor will turn like this:

At the bottom right, in the red box, you can see the slaughter indicator, which turns green or gray if you have the level you need to skin the animal, or red if you haven't reached it yet. In this case, it tells you the level you need.

As you will have understood, recovering resources from a corpse depends on the level of the enemy as well as your level in Butchery. The wisest thing is therefore to increase your skill in Butchery at the same time as your progress in the game. Otherwise, you may quickly find yourself in an area where you will not be able to recover anything, and you will have to return to previous areas to climb. your job.



The skins you collect from enemies then need to be transformed before they can be used. For this, head to a loom:

Then select Butcher in the list of trades:

Select the component you need from the left column, then you can see in the right column the raw materials you will need to make that component. Take the example of fine leather, you can see on the right that you need 1 thin hide to make one.

Then click on the "Make" button, and you will receive your fine leather, which you can then use in a crafting trade.




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