WildStar - Special PvP Revamp Livestream Recap

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Last Friday, a special revamped PvP livestream took place with Tom Cassera, Game Designer, DD Hollis, Community Manager, and Steven Engle, Lead Combat Systems Designer.

In summary, the biggest current point is the complete overhaul of the Juresang Castle. It will notably have a "territory capture" model instead of a double sleeve. There will also be multiple consoles in each room which will not always be activatable, if one team activates it, they gain points and deal damage to the entire opposing team with an area attack.

Following the release of Destination Arcterra, the new PvP reward system for open world will be further improved, including additional rewards.

The war grounds are also in the sights of Carbine who are working on a way to make them attractive to players.

We should have a decrease in the number of battlefields required for the weekly quest of PvP participation, the number being far too high. It is very likely that we are also entitled to a new counter that would allow us to know how many players from the opposing faction we would have killed.

With this recent change to open world PvP, Carbine will be looking at player participation, if it's good enough, we might get a open world PvP special area in the future.

Otherwise, in relation to player feedback on Arcterra In testing, they're making a few adjustments for Redmoon Terror, and they've figured out that Arcterra is way too easy for players and will increase that.

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