Rift - Harvest: the pickup

Collecting is one of the three harvesting professions that can be learned in Rift.



Pickup allows you to go picking and play loggers. Thanks to the collection, you will be able to collect:

  • plants, very useful for making potions
  • wood, which can then be used in fireworks recipes



At the end of the tutorial, it is possible to learn the pickup, at the Divine Landing for the Guardians and at the Ark of the Chosen for the Renegades.

You must first learn the Novice skill, which will allow you to unlock the Pickup.

Once the pickup is learned, in order to make your research easier, you will be able to activate two buffs, giving you the location on the mini-map of the wood and plants that you can harvest.

Once the buffs are activated, look at your minimap, and you may see dots appear on it telling you where to find what you are looking for.



The wood you collect can then be transformed into planks, which can then be used to create objects. To do this, head to a workbench.

Select Pickup from the drop-down list.

Select the component you need from the left column, then you can see in the right column the raw materials you will need to make that component. Take the example of the rune-birch plank, you can see on the right that you need a rune-birch log to make one.

Then click on the "Make" button, and you will receive your rune-birch board, which you can then use in a crafting trade.



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