Rift - Riddles and Cairns: Expanse of Bruised Wood

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Many secrets are still to be discovered in Telara, notably in the Reach of Bruised Wood, which hides a Cairn and an enigma.



The cairn can be found at coordinates: 4093, 4437. Loot level 40 max.

Climb the small mountain, then discover the cairn.

And get what's inside.




At coordinates: 3135, 4425. Loot level 40 max.

To get there, climb the mountain starting from the blue point on the map.

You find yourself in front of 6 pillars, as well as a multitude of torches, some of which are blue, red or yellow, and others unlit. On two pillars you find 3 red buttons each. These buttons allow you to move the torches. The goal of the puzzle will be to line up the colored torches like this:

To do this, you will have to use the buttons on the pillars, knowing that:

  • the top buttons move the red torches
  • the middle buttons move the yellow torches
  • the bottom buttons move the blue torches

But also that:

  • the left pillar move the torches of the chosen color clockwise. The other two colors are moved in the opposite direction.
  • the right pillar move the torches of the chosen color counterclockwise and the other two colors in the normal direction.


If the torch configuration is the basic one, namely this one:

It is then possible to complete the riddle in two moves, namely:

The puzzle will then be solved and you can collect the chest and the reward.


If ever someone has already been there, and changed the configuration, no luck for you, you will have to think a little because there is no miracle recipe?


L'Exploit, with the title "The Glimmer of Hope":

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