Rift - Riddles and Cairns: Scarlet Gorge

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Joel Fulleda


Come on little loulous, this time we're going to the Scarlet Gorges and their canyons.



We'll have to do a lot of climbing for that one. Plan to wear good shoes. The cairn is located at the coordinates: 4665, 3105. Loot level 35 max.

First, go to this marker:

Start climbing the mountain, the path is not necessarily easy at first, go through here:

You will then arrive behind the large piece of rock, which you will have to climb.

Start the climb by following the fairly logical path.

When you reach a first landing, the ground is blue-green, turn left.

Beware of the small steep path, sliding is very possible. Then continue the path, and climb the stones that come your way.

Be careful again on the steep path, a fall came so quickly, and it would be nerdy almost at the end. Once the mountain is climbed, yes, there you have it, you have deserved it, the cairn is in front of you.

All that remains is to take its content.


As a bonus, I offer you a video showing the full path, commented by me. This is my very first shoutcast, please indulge?




For this riddle, go to the coordinates: 3651, 2751. Loot level 35 max.

To get there, follow this path:

When you reach the end, you will have to jump below:

You will thus arrive in front of the riddle, which in fact consists in reproducing the location on the right on the location on the left.

There is no miracle solution to solve this riddle, we will have to think a little. A good technique, however, is to place the bottom three barrels first, then focus on the others. Once the puzzle is solved, the chest appears and you receive a key.

Click on the chest to take your reward.


And of course the corresponding exploit, with the title Barrel Rider :

Audio Video Rift - Riddles and Cairns: Scarlet Gorge
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