Rift - Riddles and Cairns: Twilight Wood

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We continue with the puzzles and cairns to take an interest in those of Twilight Wood, a dismal place where werewolves and zombies mingle.


You will find this cairn at coordinates: 5591, 3201. Loot level 35 max.

Open the cairn on the mountain, and receive the reward.




Coordinates: 4550, 2385. Loot level 35 max.

To the left of the dungeon of Ombrevictimes, you will find a teleportation plate, which will lead you to the top of the tower.

Go down through the hatch, and you'll find yourself in front of a wall adorned with shields and buttons.

To succeed in the riddle, you will have to place the shields according to this model:

It is quite complicated to describe this riddle, as well as to give a solution, the shields often changing places with the liking of the people who succeed or not. You can only rely on your abilities .... or else go through outside help, which will solve the riddle for you.

You just have to go here, and put in the module what you have on the screen. He will then take care of giving you the solution, you just have to click on the buttons in the order he gives you.

Once the puzzle has been solved, you will receive a square key which will allow you to open the chest and take your reward.

And of course a small feat in passing, giving you the title ofEnigmatic.

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