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The Summer Festival invites you to take part in all kinds of activities. You will therefore find several quests, daily and weekly, offering fishing, hunting to capture creatures, and fighting Khargroth.


Daily quests

  • Crush insects
  • Manufacture of lures
  • Summer sunfish fishing
  • Snacks for everyone!

Weekly Quest

  • Specimens Required: All

Special events

  • The exhortation of Khargroth
  • Companion hunting


Crush insects

Daryl the Exterminator gives you this quest at Santic's Alignment.

He asks you to play the exterminator of pests, because he has a little trouble on his own, given the size of the bugs.


To complete the quest, prepare to get your boots dirty. First, find insects. Be careful, you have 10 minutes. I found quite a few just off the bridge leading to Bois d'Argent, leaving from Sanctum.


To crush them, just jump on them.


An achievement is indirectly related to this quest, as it requires you to crush 300 insects.

A quick calculation, indeed it would take 50 days to finish this success ... But there is always a solution to everything. Once all six bugs from the quest have been crushed, you can continue to do carnage until you return it!



Manufacture of lures

Elroy Holst asks you to prepare lures to make it easier to catch Summer Sunfish.


To prepare these lures you need the Fishing skill, where you will automatically learn the recipe. To create a decoy, you need 5 plantasolis leaves, the description of which tells us that they can be found in the areas of Plantasolis, which are marked on the map by this icon:


On site, you will find blue plants in the water, which show you where to cast your line. You must have the minimum level, therefore 1, in the fishing skill.


With each catch, you can catch either sunfish or plantasolis leaves. Once ten leaves have been collected, you can get down to making the two lures.


You can then bring the decoys back to Elroy



Summer sunfish fishing

Misty Azzara gives you this quest, asking you to go catch 10 Summer Sunfish.


The principle is the same as for the leaves of plantasolis. At the place marked by the fish icon, you will find a blue plant where you can cast your line, and with each catch have a chance to collect sunfish. Once all 10 are caught, bring them back to Misty. While you're at it, catch another 10 for the next quest.

You can accomplish two feats by catching these fish.



Snacks for everyone

After catching fish, you might as well prepare them. That's what chef Dogen DeGhoulash asks you.


To prepare this dish, you are going to need two components, fish and dough, one of each.


The dough can be bought from a survival trainer. Once the 10 fries are cooked, go back to Dogen.



Specimen required: all

Quest for levels 60.

Go see Daryl the Exterminator, who will ask you to go hunting for creatures. This quest will require you to travel to the new continents of Tynandra and Brunante.


Once the quest is accepted, Daryl offers you new quests, which you will need to complete to progress in the initial quest.


Scavenger Thunderbird - Pelladane


Go to Pelladane, a marker shows you where to look.


Once there, find a Digger Thunderbird, and use the reducer on it. Recover the little bug then.


Cliff Rhino - Cape Yule


Beast of the Lie - Serratos


Ouroboron Lookout - Fiefs of the Orient


Scavenger - Morban


Ailombre Bat


Parasite Tk'ztk - Steppes de l'Infini


Sand Demon - Ashora


These demons hide in the sand and are therefore not visible at first glance. Stand on a marked point on the map, and around you, press Tab several times to locate one.


Once all these critters have been collected, return to Sanctum near Daryl and put them in the cages provided for this purpose, then return to Daryl.

When the quest is completed, you get an achievement.



The exhortation of Khargroth

The first step of the area event is to destroy 15 Dormant Chrysalis.


At some point, these Chrysalids will become active, letting out a few critters every now and then.


After all 15 Chrysalids are destroyed, Khargroth appears.


Beware of its radius of life, which can hurt you a bit. Just avoid it.



During this event, you will be able to perform an exploit, which requires you to ziggle 300 creatures that pop during the Chrysalis phase.


Companion hunting

This Summer Festival also invites you to go hunting for 11 exclusive companions, which you can find in each of the regions of Mathosia.

These companions appear and disappear at certain locations in the area. You will need a very strong dose of patience to succeed in capturing it. However, little tips can make your job (a little bit) easier.

First, as soon as you approach the animal, a temporary skill will appear that will allow you to capture it. If it does appear, you are on the right track.


Another way to find it a little easier is to use the / target creatername command. Pair that with a macro and a shortcut and browse the area spamming the macro. Ah bah yes, I did not say that I had miracle solutions;).

To help you a little more, here are the names of the companions by zone, some with contact details (thank you junkiesnation).

  • Silver Wood : Black rabbit (6230, 3301) (6777, 3014), (6086, 2858) (Thanks Gwido)
  • Libremarche : Spotted snake
  • Twilight Wood : Tamed Longfang (4181, 2763), (5616, 3574), (5003, 2836) (Thanks Gwido)
  • Stone fields : Rat brown (4589, 5076)
  • Scarlet Gorge : Black Marmot (3804, 2923) (3880, 2840)
  • Expanse of Bois Meurtris : Black coyote (3155, 3910)
  • Shadowmoon Highlands : Tabby cat (5779, 1860) - (6360,1980) (Thanks to Meeno for the two coordinates)
  • Arid plains : Mini Mordant (8015,6477) (Thanks Arthas!)
  • Iron Pine Peak : White squirrel
  • Shimmering Sand : Cobra vert
  • Mornelande : Golden beetle

These coordinates are not necessarily to be taken for granted, these companions apparently having an annoying tendency not to stay still.

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