Rift - The megaliths of Storm Legion

Thanks to the guild of the 3 kingdoms, today we invite you to go in search of the megaliths of Storm Legion. If you manage to find all 11, you will get an achievement:

Cap Yule

  • Coordinates: 7496, 11480
  • Porticulum: Outpost of Sanco

This megalith is very easy to access. See for yourself:

Heart of the city

  • Coordinates: 6965,9083
  • Porticulum: Citizens' library

Go around the building to the left and be brave against the enemies up to the megalith.

Strongholds of the Orient

  • Coordinates: 9517,8343
  • Porticulum: Terres Occidentales

Follow the path to the megalith. It's simple !

Fiery land

  • Coordinates: 5688,9253
  • Porticulum: Shelters of the Turnis River

Follow the arrows well!

King's Protectorate

  • Coordinates: 6856,7765
  • Porticulum: Arakhosian Hinterland

There are several options, here is one.


  • Coordinates: 1726,7176
  • Porticulum: Arjuros

Follow the same path as for the feat with a little more climbing.

The Rizhome

  • Coordinates: 3073,4364
  • Porticulum : Oasis d’Azcu’azg

The path is not necessarily very obvious, so here is the path:

Some advise getting off the mount towards the end.

Kingdom of Pelladane

  • Coordinates: 7136,5657
  • Porticulum: Retreat from Tuldio



  • Coordinates: 11638,5303
  • Porticulum : Enclave

Once again, the path is not necessarily easy to guess. Go as for the jumping feat then get off your mount at the waterfall.


Once on the rock, take your mount and climb as below:



  • Coordinates: 13888,7780
  • Porticulum: Black Strike

Follow the road as shown on the map below.

From there, go to the mountains!

Steppes of Infinity

  • Coordinates: 16830,8219
  • Porticulum: Porte de l'Infini

And here are the screenshots.


Did you manage to find all these stones?

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WoW - Fiefdom - Building: Sawmill ❯
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