WoW - Fiefdom - Building: Sawmill

The Sawmill allows you to obtain different types of timber on Draenor.

The sawmill allows you to collect wood but especially to collect a few various objects including mascots. An incremental achievement is linked to the Sawmill:

  • Logging: Place 10 orders at the sawmill.
  • More Logging: Place 50 Orders at the Sawmill - Title: Lumberjack
  • Always More Logging: Place 100 Orders at the Sawmill - Title: The Commandojack (Alliance) / Timber Lord (Horde)



There are two interesting storylines related to the Sawmill.

The first is to be found in Gorgrond where there is a brother of Barov trapped below. It allows you to start the quest Rise and Fall of Barov Industries: Weldon Barov (Alliance) or Rise and Fall of Barov Industries: Alexi Barov (Horde). Depending on our faction, we save a different brother but in the end, everything goes wrong and we gain a new subject in the fiefdom: Weldon Barov or Alexi Barov. He then gives a quest, Staff Reduction, asking to retrieve the head of the other brother (yes, these Barovs are complicated). As a reward, you earn a Barov Loggers' Signal.

The second quest, Legacy of the Ancients is given via an item found on Petrified Ancients through Draenor, Tome of Bark. It will then be necessary to kill 4 other trees to recover 4 objects:

  • Kuruk Heart
  • Autuk trunk
  • Loruk twig
  • Hanuk roots

These elders appear by cutting down medium trees (level 2). As a reward, we win a toy, the Semblance of an Arbrassassin.


1 level

Allows you to mark small trees on Draenor. Harvested timber can be converted into orders to supply the Garrison.

  • Alliance
  • Horde

The first quest will allow you to learn the special skill of Slaughter (apprentice).


For that, it is enough to leave the stronghold. Very quickly, we come across a tree that shines brighter than the others. In addition, the trees are identified on the mini-map, impossible to miss!


Right click on it and a lumberjack arrives, cuts down the tree and then leaves with a small pile of wood on his shoulder.


To complete the quest, all you have to do is return to the stronghold to take your first order of 50 pieces of Wood.



Level 2

Allows you to mark medium trees to harvest more wood.

To get the blueprint, you must first be level 98 or complete the Spiers of Arak outpost quest line. Blueprint costs 1000 gp or exchange for Assembly Notes for outpost construction.

  • Alliance
  • Horde

And the table with all the tools you need to work well.

The Horde building is still as crass as ever, but at least they're damn well equipped!


3 level

Allows you to mark large trees to harvest even more wood.

To buy the plan, you must first have completed the achievement Improve the sawmill which requires placing 75 orders at the sawmill and completing the 2 quests we mentioned above, Legacy of the Ancients and Reduction of personnel. You can then harvest more wood by obtaining the skill Felling (expert).

  • Alliance
  • Horde

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 Feel free to send screenshots of your level 3 building!

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