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You probably know, I love everything about housing and obviously it was the first thing I tested in the beta (photo report). I stick to it now with a little more attention (it's sad to do that on beta ... everything is deleted in the end).

You will have no trouble finding the first quest to have your dimension offered at the beginning, it is taken in the capital. You will then get Blood Shores for Guardians and Guard Point for Forsaken. NPCs that relate to dimensions are easily identifiable with a small house on their head. Once in edit mode (allowing you to manipulate objects) for the first time, read the help carefully, it would have helped me if I had read this first (what ?! you have to read the instructions?).

  • to duplicate an object, Ctrl + D (you need a similar object in your bags)
  • to select multiple objects, Shift (simultaneous movement, rotation, placement)
  • to have additional functions ctrl + wheel (action depending on the selected tool)
  • to cancel the last modification, Esc

There are many other areas that can be inhabited, more or less large (including one that can be purchased at 150 decks from the initial merchant). Anyway, with the free zone, you can start doing some decent stuff (it's not really nice, I just bought a few basic items and took a 5-deck upgrade, dropping my item limit to 45. ):

The tool allows you to manage everything related to permissions (friends / guild / public). We can therefore very well leave full access to the public ... at their own risk!

It is only possible to have one active dimension at a given time. At the moment, I have my own dimension, the square house (we rename it thanks to a small pencil not clearly visible on the right of the name). And on the left, via the menu, you can access the dimensions of other players, friends or strangers who have authorized public access. It is possible, if you liked the visit, to note this dimension. So let's take a look at the one at 112 points, Chambres d'Hôtes:

What a surprise to see the owner of the premises, Nathanae, greet me with a beautiful smile. Its dimension is charming. Very modest, she tells me that she just had the chance to be the first conceived (being in the beta). All of her items are easy to find, she wanted to show that you could do something good even with little. The majority of the items come from Tempest Bay, the innkeeper is obtained with 25 lucky coins and the rest comes from crafting with recipes easily accessible if you do the daily quests. It is an economical home and without add-on (the most used being Dimension toolbox)!

She then takes me to see some remarkable houses. Our first stop takes us to Lovedone, Toutirikiki but cozy, a house for a dwarf! Everything fits in the initial small house: meals outside, ground floor office / living room and 1st floor for the bedroom. It is for small purses (initial size with 45 objects) ... and small people.

As she puts it so well, there are those who create to live there, others to show their imaginations. She then advises me on the dimensions of Tweena (the Squirrel's Den), Astagar (the Consular Tree), Hehn (Always higher) or Moystia (the Tower of the mages). Magnificent dimensions ... for well-filled purses with hundreds of objects, going to conquer the skies. Admire! There are totally insane creations

I loved my walk and got carried away visiting too many other dimensions to tell you about them ... all you have to do is come and try (Rift Lite is free until level 20, it allows time to test that!). I haven't talked too much about the technical aspect, so I invite you to read the JeuxOnline article, a perfect complement.

So which dimension do you prefer? I named the photos with the names of the creators!

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