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Joel Fulleda

When I saw the trailers full of promise of Rokh, which look like an Ark version of the red planet, I told myself that I was going to enjoy this game a lot. So let's go and discover the early access of this promising title!


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You start in the world of Rokh with only your suit, your emergency screwdriver, your hammer, and what to make a pickaxe. To survive, you will have to browse the scenery to find veins of minerals, crystallized water as well as a number of chests containing oxygen and equipment.

To continue your life on Mars, you will have an outfit that tells you the temperature, batteries, and tools to make a little home simple but effective. As long as you maintain your bars (water, food, oxygen, batteries), you will not have much to fear, the game being unfortunately too simple on this side. The fact of finding something to feed you all the three crates which abound on the planet contributes to the fact of not having any challenge worthy of the name.

The creation of the character boxes… ... filled with a bit of everything

The sandbox side offers you to increase your equipment and tools via a fairly efficient creation interface, which offers recipes that vary depending on the components you will use, but we will come back to that. You will have to use higher and higher components to get higher tools to mine more complicated veins. Your habitat, quite simple to create, will be composed of tiles made of materials that you have previously selected and will define solidity and color (for those who like the fashion side).

Only, as for survival, it is relatively simple and quick to create a grandiose habitat, fully equipped and comfortable. The whole thing comes from the fact that there is no danger on the planet, except possibly the other players, which will have the effect of making your life easier and giving you an impression of emptiness.

The vast expanse Ore! Here, it's raining ...

The decor, quite beautiful and immersive, gives a fairly logical feeling of emptiness, which unfortunately shows structures that cannot be explored (to my knowledge). All this encourages you to explore the plains which offer a better view to discover the lights which indicate the boxes of objects. There is also no superfluous sound effects or background music, which contributes to a good immersion.

Although the game is still in early access, there are still some server issues that exclude us for no reason, or servers that close due to lack of people. Because, the real enemy of this game, is the lack of players on the servers and this ... regardless of the time of day. The fact that the caches are all there, the players who do not loot, or do not dialogue to organize themselves to make a village, or whatever, even the feeling of intense emptiness that accompanies you during your journey .

Empty structures ... My start from home ... … the following

What I hope is that the developers add content such as vehicles quickly, as only a jetpack is available (automatically upon character creation), even real dangers other than meteor showers (I have managed to survive without worry a meteor on the face ...) and other small dangers that are not really.



In my opinion, this is the strong point of the game. You can have fun making many creations of objects with different materials. Even if the real interest is often the resistance or the effectiveness of a tool, one can easily make a shelter of the color of its choice among those available.

Once the fashion has taken off, we realize that the developers have pushed this aspect quite strongly by putting forward fairly complete requirements. It will therefore take several preliminary creations before making a much larger one.


In short

First and foremost, it's good to remember that this game is only in Early Access, so it's subject to change. It currently offers content that may be worth a look if you like the space, the sandbox aspect and the advanced craftsmanship. But Rokh does not currently offer any challenge worthy of the name, nor any communitarianism on the servers. This will surely be a problem for those who loved Ark, especially those who found him too difficult and wild.

For my part, I really appreciate the atmosphere, the really good red planet side and I am waiting for the future development of this game which could attract people. Moreover, to run this game, a more than adequate machine is required, because it is quite greedy.


  • An advanced craft system
  • A good, immersive atmosphere
  • Total freedom
  • A little too empty sometimes
  • No explorable structure
  • We go around quite quickly ...
  • Quite unstable server

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