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Hello everyone!

Following a little insomnia, I wanted to share with you a game that I quite enjoy: league of legends

This article will be devoted to the very short presentation of the game as well as the explanation of my roles within the game, month runes, month skills and equipment that j'employ in game. I try to simplify the vocabulary of this game by taking simpler words or by explaining them. If there are still any comprehension issues, please let me know! ?

It is indeed my way of doing things, I prefer to remind you.



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League of Legends is therefore a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), an online multiplayer arena game.

The game is played with two teams of 3 players or 5 players according to two different game modes :

  1. Destroy enemy nexus, main building: Summoner's Rift, Tortured Forest
  2. Capture areas to lower the opponent's point counter: Dominion

You will understand that there is therefore 3 different cards ready to welcome bloody battles!

At your disposal, a staggering number of champions (104 currently), pages of runes and masteries in order to personalize the way you play and your champions. There even exists different skins to customize your favorite champions a bit more.

The summoner spells will allow you to choose 2 additional spells that will be used by your character during the game.

So you will need play as a team with your teammates in order to win the game. Teamplay, a group game, is very important. Coordinated actions and mutual aid are often rewarded with victory.

To build your equipment, you will need to buy it with gold. This currency can be found on all neutral monsters, enemy minions (also called minions), enemy champions and enemy towers when killed. Certain equipment, runes, and masteries can give you bonus gold.

You will also raise your character in the game up to level 18. At each level gained, you will be able to raise one of the 4 skills of your character. level 6 you can choose your ultimate spell and improve it to level 12 and 18. Each spell has 5 levels and the ultimate spell has 3 levels.

For the classic game types (Summoner's Rift and Tortured Forest), you have multiple lines of play. the top up, the bot at the bottom and for the summoner's rift, the middle line, le mid. It also exists a jungle between these lines having neutral monsters but let's not dwell on it any longer, the article is dedicated to champion customizations, ie Runes, Masteries and Equipment.

For more information, I let you go to the page Game Info from the official website.



Runes are items that can be placed in specific locations on your Summoner Profile (the Summoner is the player, you). There are 3 types of runes and 1 type of quintessence, the locations of which are acquired as you increase your experience:

  • Brands
  • Seals
  • Glyphs
  • Quintessences

At level 30, the maximum level, you will have all the runes et quintessences that is to say 9 per type of runes and 3 for the quintessences; which therefore makes 30 locations, 1 per level.

Within League of Legends, there are several roles, several types of AP and AD players (respectively Ability Power, potency and Attack Damages, physical damage). For example, for Summoner's Rift (5vs5):

  • The Solotops, players playing alone on the top row - Offtank AD, Offtank AP
    -> Players with fairly good damage resistance and using their AD or AP to fight.
  • The Top, two players playing on the top row - AP, AD
    -> Players progressing together on the line, usually double AP with good controls and big damage but it all depends on the players.
  • The Mids, lone players on the middle line - AP, little AD
    -> Players usually using the AP.
  • Bots, two players playing on the bottom line - AD, AP, SUPPORT
    -> Generally this line includes an AD (Carry AD) responsible for doing all the damage and a support helping the latter player by healing him, slowing down enemies, etc ...
  • The Junglers, players not playing on the lines but progressing in the jungle - JUNGLER AD, JUNGLER AP
    -> This type of player is special because they roam the whole jungle in order to raise their levels and surprise the enemies on the 3 lines of play as well as counter the enemy jungler.


My advice for the runes:

  • Support (Bot)
  • Carry AD (Bot)
  • Carry AP (Mid)

Un Support is there to help his Carry AD, so he has to be tough enough, more than his line mate, in order to engage in combat and designate which target to attack. Generally, your support designates the opposing Carry AD which is not very resistant. If you attack the opposing support, you will eat the big damage of its Carry.

-> I use: 9 Marks of armor + 9 Seals of armor + 9 Glyphs of Magic Resistance + 3 Quintessences giving us 1 gp every 10 seconds, which makes 3 gp every 10 seconds.

Un Carry AD is there to collect the most gold in order to make devastating equipment. He will therefore need attack speed (AS, Attack Speed), physical attack (automatic attack and skills using physical attack) as well as a little armor in order to resist enemy attacks.

-> I use: 9 Physical Attack Marks + 9 Armor Seals against opposing AD + 9 Attack Speed ​​Glyphs + 3 Physical Damage Quintessences.

Un Carry ap must collect as much gold as possible from enemy minions as well as by defeating the opposing Carry AP. This role consists of inflicting the maximum damage via his skills. It's a very tactical role where the positioning of his character is above everything.

-> I use: 9 Marks of magic penetration to break the opposing magic resistance + 9 Seals of power (AP) + 9 Glyphs of Magic resistance + 3 Quintessences of power.

Here we can see that I have 2 quintessences in% recovery. These two quintessences will jump soon to be replaced by quintessences of power.

There are countless ways to equip yourself with runes, I will therefore limit myself to these 3 roles. Most of the time, the other roles are variants of these 3 bases.



Masteries are also very important in customizing your character. Let's take the 3 previous roles:

  • Support (Bot)
  • Carry AD (Bot)
  • Carry AP (Mid)

Le Support will have to continue its fortification in armor and magic resistance. He will also have to improve his summoner spells that are usually Flash, allowing you to instantly teleport a little further in front of your current position as well as Fatigue, allowing you to reduce an enemy's attack and movement speed. Very handy to prevent it from running away or catching up with you. Your role as a support, also consists in posing vision beacons in order to give you the view at this location to warn of the arrival of a possible enemy. These beacons are extremely important, it will be necessary to place them at key points. So also take the point increasing the view of its beacons. A bonus to PO, experience and mana regeneration is also a big plus.

Le Carry AD will have to take the maximum offensive control using physical attack. Armor, a little magic resistance, improvements for your possible summoner spells depending on the enemies opposite. Usually a Carry Ad takes a Flash as well as its support as well as a Healing spell allowing it to heal itself and its support in case of a hard blow.

Le Carry ap, him, will have to put the maximum of points in offensive, part power. The improvement of his summoner spells, the regeneration of his mana as well as the vampiric spell is also recommended in order to return to the base less often (Regeneration of mana + regeneration of life thanks to the spells you cast). I did not take magic resistance because I am really very careful with my positioning in part so as not to be trapped by the enemy. So early in the game, I don't need this bonus, so I'm using it in something more important to me. In addition, I already have basic magic resistance thanks to my runes. I will buy more magic resistance then through my equipment.



Ah! The equipment! Ahah the guy, he will present a piece of equipment while everything changes depending on the opponents that we meet! Yes, this equipment is likely to change a lot depending on the type of enemy you encounter, whether you have the upper hand or not, etc ... I will still explain the different equipment ideas depending on the difficulties met for the 3 roles I'm dealing with.

At the start of the game, you have 475 gp for your basic equipment, choose wisely.


  • Support (Bot)
  • Carry AD (Bot)
  • Carry AP (Mid)

Le Support he will have to have equipment to cast his spells more quickly, improve his armor / magic resistance / number of life points, he will need something support his teammate and other playing partners.

  • For my support, I take 4 vision milestones (75 x 5 = 375 gp) and a fairy charm (180 gp) which will allow me to subsequently buy a philosopher's stone. With my gold bonus from my support masteries, I can even buy myself a healing potion.
  • On my first return to base, I put on speed boots, allowing me to move faster, then, as soon as possible, lucidity boots: further increasing my movement speed and allowing me to throw my shoes more often. champion skills.
  • So I then equip myself with my Philosopher's Stone which allows me to regenerate my mana faster and give me 5 gp every 10 seconds. I remind you that with my runes + masteries + this item, I go up to 3 + 2 + 5 = 10 in every 10 seconds and without doing anything! I then prepare something to make a heart of gold: an object that will give me life and another 5 gp every 10 seconds. We go up to 15 in every 10 seconds which is more than correct.
  • The best thing then is to keep the Heart of Gold as well as the Philosopher's Stone in order to keep their gp bonuses. So we buy an Aegis of the Legion. This item is inexpensive and relatively powerful since it allows you to gain +270 HP +18 armor +24 magic resistance AND extend a halo around you which benefits you, as well as your allies: +12 armor, +15 magic resistance and +8 attack damage! This item brings you even closer to your goal: to support your teammate and make yourself resistant. You can also take a Zeke Crest instead but it all depends on what you need, it's up to you.

Subsequently, you will have to sacrifice your heart of gold and your philosopher's stone depending on the difficulty encountered. For the moment, we have built the base, but here are the situation items:

  • I use the Iron Solari Medallion from time to time if we need shields to reduce some of the damage the enemy sends us. You have to know how to use it at the right time. You also have a halo increasing the health regeneration of your allies as well as yours + a life point bonus. This item is interesting but it all depends on your situation.
  • Rhanduin's Omen is very useful if your enemy is harassing you with big physical spells. You will counter with his armor and his health bonus. In addition, this gear has an activatable passive that reduces the movement and attack speed of nearby enemies by 35% for 1 sec + 0,5 sec for every 100 armor and magic resist combined that you use. to your champion. Passively, you have a 20% chance, when hit by a Basic Attack, to reduce the attacker's attack and movement speed by 35% for 3 sec.
  • The Dream of Shurelya is the most often used because, in addition to its bonus point of life, this item allows you, during its activation, to increase your movement speed by 40%, as well as that of allied champions nearby, for 3 sec. You also have mana regeneration and delay reduction (like Boots of Lucidity) allowing you to cast your skills more often.

If you bought all these items and the game is not over ... it's really very rare! See what you need as additional gear that could help you and your allies. A coat of arms of Zeke, a Will of the Ancients ...? You decide.

Do not forget, during the ENTIRE game, to place your markers and visions milestones in key places on the map! It is your role as a support.

Le Carry AD You will need to have equipment designed to do big damage very quickly, improve your armor and collect as much gold as possible for it. Your support will usually let you kill the minions in order to collect the gold once they are killed: this is farming and this is the important point of your role. The more gp you have, the more equipment you have, the more you will hurt your enemies. Also ask your support to get in front of you so that it takes most of the enemy fire (if it is resistant, if not, it stays back!).

  • I often start with boots of speed + 2 healing potions and a mana potion in order to gauge the playstyle of my opponents, to be sure of who is in front of me and to have enough to heal myself and boost my mana a bit. . Boots are important for chasing or retreating quickly. Warning, if one pursues an adversary it is because one is sure to kill him without being killed.
  • In order to complete my runes and masteries, I usually take a Black Cleaver which allows me to gain a lot of attack damage, attack speed and reduce the armor of my target when I deal damage to them.
  • Then I take my boots depending on the situation: More attack speed, armor, magic resistance, ... The list of boots is here.

Carry AD equipment must be extremely flexible and adapt to the difficulties encountered. If with this, everything goes well, I continue my momentum with:

  • an Infinity Blade, for monster damage as well as big critical hits.
  • a Phantom Dancer, for much faster attacks and more pronounced criticism.
  • Thanks to the attack speed of the Black Cleaver + Phantom Dancer as well as your big damage of the Infinity Blade + Black Cleaver, you will be able to take a Bloodlust which will allow you to recover 12% of your attack damage in point of life. In addition, the passive property allows you to increase the damage of this equipment to 100 attack damage (instead of 60) and boost your life steal by 8% which would make you 20%! This item is a must once your AD and AS (physical attack and attack speed) increased.
  • if your enemy has too much armor, I recommend the Last Breath, if he has too much health a Madred's Blood Razor.

If unfortunately everything goes badly for you, you will have to equip yourself with items allowing your survival in order not to worsen your score. Each of your deaths brings gold to your enemy!

So try to strengthen your armor and your life points while keeping a paw on your statistics: the guardian angel brings you armor, magic resistance and gives you back your life if you die (5 minutes of cooldown). So go see in the armor part, you will find what you are looking for.

Le Carry ap It will be necessary to have equipment aimed at doing great magic damage very quickly, improving its magic resistance and collecting as much gp as possible for it. You are alone in your line and enemies can come in from many places since you are in the middle. So do not hesitate to put some vision beacons in the bushes next door (the bushes make players stealthy there). I am not going to teach you the rules of SS (miss, that is to say that you have lost sight of an enemy that must have been in such and such a place. For example ss 2 bot means that you have lost sight of the 2 enemies that are supposed to be downstairs, so they can be anywhere, watch out!). Signal if your enemy is no longer visible so that it does not surprise your allies. Play very tactical, pay close attention to your placement and memorize the casting distance of your spells as well as those of your enemies.

  • I usually start with boots of speed + 1 healing potion and 2 mana potions in order to gauge my opponent's playstyle, be sure who is in front of me and have enough to heal myself and boost my mana. Boots are important for chasing or retreating quickly. Warning, if one pursues an adversary it is because one is sure to kill him without being killed. If I am sure of myself and that I know my character as well as the enemies inside out, I can risk taking a Ring of Doran limiting my movement speed but giving me a bonus to power, mana regeneration as well. only a few hit points.
  • So I continue my equipment with a protective catalyst that allows me to regenerate a good part of my life and my mana each time I go up a level in preparation for a Age Staff.
  • If I don't have any boots yet and everything is fine, I hasten to take or upgrade my boots to Boots of Lucidity in order to cast my skills faster. If I take a little too much damage from the enemy, I can take Boots of Mercury which will increase my magic resistance ... If the enemy uses the power of course! Otherwise, wizarding boots are commonly used to penetrate the enemy's magical defenses. We already have some rune penetration, so we should be fine for now.
  • I then quickly finish my Age Staff and then I chain on a Rod of Rylai which grants me power, life and slows my targets when I attack them with my spells.
  • Hop hop, just after, I quickly take my Rabadon Headdress, an un-con-tourable item of any Carry AP. This item gives me +140 power, which far exceeds all other power bonuses from other equipment. Additionally, Rabadon's Headdress increases my total potency by 30%!
  • If I have no problems, I look for other equipment that increases my power and prepares my defenses for some fights that could prove difficult. You can directly take a Hextech Revolver to give you more power, the vampiric spell (remember, this stat giving you life points according to the power damage you do to a target?). This item will also prepare a nice piece of equipment that we will see later.

I can further increase my power and protect myself with:

  • an Abyssal Scepter that continues to increase my power while protecting me from magical damage
  • Zhonya Hourglass which increases my power and grants me armor against characters using Physical attack. This equipment also allows me to make myself invincible but unable to move for 2 seconds. Convenient.

You can also upgrade your Hextech Revolver to Will of the Ancients! Which further increases your vampire spell and power. Additionally, the power bonus extends to nearby allies.

There are also other well-known equipment allowing, for example, to completely block the next spell affecting you or to increase your movement speed in addition to your power, but I will let you take a look at the list of these items. because we would spend the night there. Besides the night ... I spend it on this article haha!



So much for this little guide to the 3 main roles, I hope I have helped you and if the idea pleases, I could always create a few more detailed articles for you on specific League of legends subjects.

For now, thank you for reading me and wish you all a great day!

Please feel free to comment to share your point of view on this article, your own runes and masteries ... We will be happy to discuss it with you.

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