Secret World Legends – Mission d’investigation : Le code de Kingsmouth

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As some know, The Secret World has now become Secret World Legend! It is in a way a second release for the MMO and it is also an opportunity to immerse yourself in this magnificent game taking place in a contemporary Lovecraftian universe and whose strength comes from its many investigative quests.

For this new release (which I did not miss!), I offer you guides for these quests!

Rather than stupidly giving the answers, I will put in these guides the progress, the explanations and I will dissect the puzzles in order to explain how to arrive at their resolution!

  • Zones: Solomon Island - City of Kingsmouth
  • Location : Kingsmouth Church
  • Quest Giver : Henry Hawthorne

Because it was home to the first Illuminati of the New World, Kingsmouth is teeming with signs and symbols. Deciphering the message they hide could reveal secrets of the past, left behind by its founders.

Reward : (Patron bonus)

  • Experience: 2 (+227)
  • Fragment d’Anima : 400 (+60)
  • Reward bag
    • Standard quality

First time reward :

  • Rewards bag - Look & show
    • Superior quality

Phase 1

The first phase is pretty straightforward. Once you have collected the quest, exit the church and examine the manhole cover located just at the bottom of the steps (watch out for enemies on the right and left).

As you can see, the manhole cover has a writing on it: "LUX OMNIA VINCIT" as well as the famous triangle with the eye.

You just have to look in which direction the top of the triangle points and follow the path to the next manhole cover, and so on until the finish! Here is the way to go:

Once you arrive at your destination, all you need to do isexamine the plate hidden between the cardboard boxes, which will trigger the second phase:

Phase 2

As you examine the plaque, you will notice that it has a message on it:

At the seat of power, the immortalized navigator

Light up the way

Of the sleeping priest

In memory of Frans Hals, who served the light until his last breath (1580-1666)

This message is the one on which it will be necessary to be based for phase 2 as well as on the following one. The first thing to know is where to go. This is the first part of the message that tells us.

Indeed, the "Seat of power" in Kingsmouth is none other than City Hall (the main town hall). You must therefore get there by doing the opposite way until you reach the center of Main Street, this is where the town hall is located:

Once inside, you will notice that the entrance hall has very many paintings that it is possible to examine. So you have to find the right one! To do this, we must remember the message of the plate as well as the symbols, which gives us three pieces of information to find the right painting:

  • Message:
    • The immortalized navigator
    • Frans Hals
  • Symbols:
    • Earth
    • The astronomical telescope
    • The inkwell and the quill

Thus, we notice that a single painting depicts a navigator with the three symbols represented, the one located at the end to the right of the main hall! In addition, for those who are fond of the arts, the style of painting is very close to those painted by Frans Hals, who used to paint very realistic portraits of seated men or women.

  • La minute culture - Frans Hals

Frans Hals is a painter from the United Provinces (Netherlands) who was born between 1580 and 1583. Son of a linen merchant, he left his hometown of Antwerp at a very young age with his family during the Siege of Antwerp by the Spaniards during the Eighty Years' War. They took refuge in Haarlem, the capital of the province of North Holland (and not the Harlem district of New York, in the United States: D) where he remained there until his death on August 26, 1666.

From the early 1600s, he became an apprentice to Carel Van Mander (a painter and writer) until 1610 when he became a member of the Guild of St. Luke, a famous Italian corporation dedicated to painters, engravers, sculptors. and printers whose name refers to St. Luke the Evangelist, the Holy Patron of Painters (the same one who is considered the author of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles.)

Frans began to make mainly engravings until he produced an oil portrait on canvas and life-size (172x324 cm!) Of a group of officers called "Banquet des officers du corps des archers de Saint Georges ". It is this painting that launched his career as a painter!

Besides his work as a painter, he is also a restorer of works of art as well as an expert in the tax on art with the municipal councilors.

For a long time, Frans Hals was considered a violent man who beat his wife. Recently, historians have found period documents dealing with this affair, it was actually a namesake who was not an artist. And, above all, at the time of the events, the wife of Frans (the artist) had died giving birth to her second child several months previously. He gets married twice in his life and has a total of 10 children. 2 with his first wife and 8 with the second.

He has many times big financial problems which lead him to have many debts and to be often condemned by the courts. He eventually found himself without work and without income until his death in 1666. His wife died a few months later after having resorted to public charity because of her late husband's debts and lack of income.


This painting is accompanied by a new mysterious and strange message:

Time is the domain of kings and Gods. Its arrows reveal the truth written by kings in the Word of God. The way opens for those who have received enlightenment.

Once this message has been read, you move on to phase 3!

Phase 3

So now you have to find where to go! The answer can be found (again) in the massage of the illuminai plate found at the end of phase 1, namely: "From the sleeping priest" which then indicates to us that the next place is nothing other than the house where the priest of Kingsmouth Church sleeps. BUT WAIT ! Before leaving, you must review the sentence in the table, because a key clue must be found before!

Indeed, in this clue, it is said that the way opens for those who have received enlightenment, meaning that the rest of the way is blocked. How to unblock this "way"? Well for that, you have to analyze the sentence.

“Time is the domain of kings and Gods”. It's not very complicated, " time " is the important thing to remember there. It comes in the following sentence "his arrows reveal the truth", if we used the first sentence which speaks of time, we quickly make the connection "time + arrows = clock hands ". And you will notice that there is a big pendulum right next to the table. Take a good look at what time it is, namely: 10:10 a.m..

Now you can go to the priest's house, which is located right next to the church in question. You can't miss it, it's the house on the right (when you are in front of the church) with a big sign just in front. Go up the few steps, go around the house and you will find the entrance to a cellar, closed by a digital code.

The first thing that comes to mind for the code is to enter 1010, in relation to the 10:10 of the clock. But it does not work ! Why ? How? 'Or' What ?

Well for that, we have to analyze the rest of the message of the table. Indeed, it is stated that the arrows reveal the truth written by "kings" in "the word of God". The famous " word of God " clearly refers to a holy book, but which one? Very simple, given that this is the house of a Christian priest, so it is the Bible.

But what do " the Kings " ? If you have read the Bible, you know that there is often mention of ancient kings, but how do you know which one it is about and especially, which passage interests us in these more than 2 pages? This is where the pendulum comes into play, which "reveals to us the truth written by kings". So, we will have to look in the Bible for the mention of kings and a link with 000. In the Bible, there are two books called "The Book of Kings" and, when we go to chapter 10, verse 10 (1010!), We come across this:

Book of Kings 1:

She gave the king a hundred and twenty talents of gold, a very large quantity of spices, and precious stones. Not as many spices came out as the queen of Sheba gave to King Solomon.

Book of Kings 2: 

Know therefore that nothing shall fall to the ground of the word of Jehovah, of the word which Jehovah hath spoken against the house of Ahab; the Lord fulfills what he has declared through his servant Elijah.

Reading these two verses, we immediately notice the one that interests us here. Indeed, the thing we are looking for is a code, so the one and only comment that can act as a code is what the king obtains in the Book of Kings 1, namely 120 talents of gold. Type "120" on the digital code and TADA! It's unlocked!

Phase 4

Once unlocked, you can therefore enter the Illuminati cave. It is rather empty, except for a few offices and libraries. One of the desks has a computer on it, walk over and use it.

As you can see, file access is password protected. You can get a hint about the password by typing "hint" on the computer screen. The index in question is as follows:

As the famous Solomon Priest often said, "the light triumphs over everything".

What does this index give us as information? Already, it is a question of Solomon Priest, but who is it ? If you have spoken with the few rare survivors of the city (at the police station, the priest, etc.), you have surely learned that the city was founded by two men, one of whom was Solomon Priest, considered to be being an Illuminati but above all, that when the two builders of the city erected it, rumors claimed that they had also arranged the basement of the city by building many tunnels. This tells us which direction to look: under the city. And how to get under the city? Well by manhole covers.

Yep, remember the manhole covers from the first phase, with the eye of the illuminati on them and the text " Light conquers all ". With some basic notions of Latin, we know that "Lux = Light" and "Vincit = Victory / Win / Triumph" according to the meaning of the sentence (Example: a famous adage says: "Veritas Vincit", which means "The truth triumphs. ”). Thus, it is understood that the “Light triumphs over everything” is said in Latin “Lux Omnia Vincit” (although in reality it means “The light always triumphs.” But let’s not speculate on the translations: D).

So you just need to just type "Lux Omnia Vincit" on the computer to unlock it and thus access secure artefacts and archives!

Phase 5

Forget the archives, you will not have access to them from this terminal. Select access to the artifacts and that's where you'll see the right bookcase move and discover a small recess in the wall with three objects:

  • The Phoenix
  • The eye
  • The pyramid

These objects are the three main symbols of the Illuminati, even if the pyramid and the eye are often the only ones known and "put forward" by "everyone".

You just have to pick up the three objects to complete this phase and complete the mission! Congratulations!

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