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Twi'leks are large humanoids, whose highly pigmented skin can have different colors depending on the individual: red, yellow or even blue for example. Their most characteristic feature is the pair of tentacles, called "lekkus", which take its base at the top of their skull.

Twi'leks use their lekkus when speaking their native language, Twi'leki. It is a language combining oral communication and gestures, the words being accompanied and completed by the movements of the lekkus. Twi'leks are omnivorous, and eat both the produce of their culture and rycrit meat, a kind of bovine commonplace on Ryloth, their homeworld. Twi'leks are very patient beings, and endowed with strong coping skills. Their minds have been shaped over the centuries by their very harsh environment, from which they have learned many life lessons. A famous Twi'lek proverb says in this regard: "If you can't beat a storm, let it pass".


  • I. Company and Twileks Traits

The Twi'leks have developed good-level technology, using turbines and wind turbines to power the homes and factories buried deep beneath the storm-ravaged surface of Ryloth. Each urban complex is autonomous, and managed by a clan. As the Twi'leks have not developed sufficient space technology, they must, in order to manage their contacts with the rest of the galaxy, rely on neighboring worlds (such as Tatooine), pirates, smugglers and traders.

Ryloth is an important trading place. It is she who supplies the galaxy with Ryll, a very potent narcotic substance. Because of this source, Ryloth has become a coveted platform for criminals of all stripes. The Twi'leks have reacted to this "invasion" by developing a very specific strategy: they sell their own people as slaves to the criminals. In doing so, the Twi'leks can maintain control of their Ryll mines. Most of the slaves sold in this way are women, whose beauty and grace make them highly sought-after dancers, to speak only of the most "honest" trades. Owning one or more Twi'lek women has over time become a mark of prestige, condemning generations of young women and men.

Twi'lek society is divided into two very distinct castes: merchants and warriors. If the former are essential for the proper functioning of society, the latter are nonetheless disdainful, most of the time refusing any contact with beings they consider inferior.

  • ​​Spoken Languages: Basic (common language). Twi'leki, combination of oral language and Lekkus movements
  • Size: 1m60 – 1m90
  • Technological level: Average, no mastery of space travel before the arrival of the Republic.
  • Character traits : The Twi'lek are naturally peaceful and very patient. A Twi'lek proverb, characteristic of their way of life, advocates the following dogma: “If you cannot beat a storm, let it pass”. Twi'lek society is divided into different castes, with little connection between them. After the Galactic Civil War, the Twi'lek were contacted by the Republic to initiate significant trade, before establishing a lasting political alliance.
  • Social power: Ballroom Dance - perform a traditional Twi'lek dance.
  • Associated classes:
    • Republic: Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Smuggler
    • Sith Empire: Sith Inquisitor


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