SimCity - Cities of Tomorrow preview

The Gizmodo site had the opportunity to have a preview of the additional CD Cities of Tomorrow following a presentation led by Stone Librande, Game designer. Before we get to the revelations, I'll let you watch this new official trailer.

The expansion is very rich, Maxis has been working on this addition since the game was released in February. The game therefore places us 50 years in the future and the challenge has been to make cities evolve in a logical way, with the appropriate technologies, while maintaining a recognizable landscape. We find the MagLev transport system, megastructures, air bridges between the towers ...

More than ever before, players will have to make moral and uncomfortable choices. It will be impossible to satisfy the entire population of this new city where the rich live in a safe and pleasant place, above the rest of the population:

  •  the megalopolis above, dedicated to the upper class with glittering towers crowned with population cleaners and numerous parks. This city will revolve around the Academy, developing future technologies. Megatours are self-sufficient and include all the services these wealthy Sims have come to expect.
  • the sprawling, miserable city on the ground, where life is punctuated by the buying and selling of a mysterious substance called Omega. OmegaCo has the monopoly of this substance which they will impose on all Sims, polluting the environment and gradually modifying the whole city under its insidious influence.


In addition to the enigmatic Omega and the Academy, it will be necessary to do with ControlNet, the NSA of the future, which controls the network and is accessible to a small percentage of the population, well-paid workers, rich enough to build, manage and pay for the networks that run the city. We can choose to facilitate ControlNet's actions or on the contrary to discourage them ... at the risk of losing white collar workers and certain technological advantages.

In conclusion, even if the management of the city becomes more complex and the level of detail increases, let's not forget that it remains a game, which must be and remain fun. Stone Librande is finally hoping that getting players to take care of all of these elements in their cities will allow them to open their eyes to what's going on around them in the real world.

The Cities of Tomorrow add-on disc will be available on November 12.

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