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Anomalies are a facet of Skyforge's high-prestige content. To access it, you will have to wait to have unlocked your Divine Form and to have reached 36 Prestige. This content, playable in a group of 000 players, is currently the only source of Sparks of Revelation, necessary to unlock the Pink Nodes of the Main Atlas. The Anomalies were the subject of a trailer released a few days ago.

Behind this nice trailer hides one of the most boring content in the game.

When you reach 36000 Prestige, you will get a quest asking you to go to Tessa's Temple.

In the latter will be a portal that will give you access to Hostile Territories. Other portals are present but not available at the moment.

In order to be able to earn Sparks of Revelation, you will need to complete a weekly quest that requires you to complete 18 ghost recovery missions. These quests reset on Tuesday and are stackable, ie if you pick up the quest on Tuesday, but don't do it until the following Tuesday, you will get the next one immediately.

To complete the ghost recovery missions, you and your party will need to find and bind to an Etheric Resonator. These resonators are kinds of ethereal trees.


On the other hand, you will not be able to bind to any tree. Indeed, the quest asks you to complete the missions in a particular area. Additionally, once a party has linked to a tree, that tree becomes unavailable to other players.

To find a suitable tree, open your map when you are in the Hostile Territories area.


The trees in the area of ​​your quest are surrounded by a small yellow circle. A blue symbol indicates that the tree is available, red that the tree is linked by another group, and green indicates that your group is linked to this tree. From the moment you have created this link, a blue circle will appear around the tree and the objective of your first mission will be displayed.

Circle around the tree 1st mission displayed

The missions will require you to kill a specific number of enemies, the latter of which can be found around the tree. The subtlety is that these enemies will have to be inside the blue circle to be counted towards the objective of the mission. Your tank will therefore have to go look for them and bring them back to the circle before your group kills them. As soon as the objective is accomplished, all you have to do is interact with the tree again to move on to the next quest.

The quest will require you to complete 18 of these missions before giving you the Sparks as a reward, which will take quite a while, depending on the quality and optimization of your party. A good group can complete the 18 missions in 2-3 hours, while a less optimized group can take 5 or 6 hours. The ideal composition for an Anomaly group is a tank (ideal knight), 2 supports (alchemist being the best) and 2 “damage distributors” (Berserker or Kinetic being the best choices).

There are 3 final things to know about anomalies. First, enemies have a resistance value, overall reducing the damage you deal to them. To be able to pass through these defenses, your character will need to have a certain Tactical Sense score (to be increased by killing raid bosses). To know if your Tactical Sense is sufficient against your enemies, it will be necessary to look at the state of the shield which you will see displayed under their bar of life.


If the shield is white and full, your Tactical Sense is too low and your damage to enemies will be greatly reduced. If the shield is half white or split (like in the image above), you have Tactical Sense (although I ignore the effect between half shield and split shield).

Second, you can see that from the moment you activate the tree, a counter appears at the top of your screen. The latter indicates the number of ghosts that your resonator has obtained. You will earn some for each mission completed and you can at any time (or when you are at 10/10) start the conversion of these ghosts into Sparks of Evolution. It is of course more profitable to start the conversion at 10/10.

Last thing, Anomaly monsters are the best source of trophy shards, you can get blue or even purple ones.


Gone are the days of this Anomalies guide, one of the most boring content in the game, although mandatory if you want to progress in the Atlas. A quick tour of the forums will show you the great "popularity" of this content.

Good luck !

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