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The galaxy has seen several eras, where different races have dominated the galaxy. She is old, and will last a long time. We do not even know everything yet of all those who came before. The impetus for the current era came from Corellia, when humans invented the hyperdrive system that allowed them to colonize planets in their sector and even beyond. Their ties will serve as the basis for the establishment of a larger and more open government: the Galactic Republic. They asked the Jedi, philosophical monks and warriors, to be the guarantors of their unity. They are the ones who allowed the Republic to live and expand for more than 20 years. At the time of The Old Republic, their main headquarters was on Tython. Which may seem logical because this is the planet where their order was born. But not that much, their story is much more complicated.

The Republic was born in the region of the galaxy known as the Core, because it occupies its center. But it does not include its perfect center because this area is very unstable. The capital of Coruscant was chosen because it is on the most stable system while being close to the center. If we want to get closer to it, we have to brave black holes and other phenomena that regularly alter the roads. Unable to establish a stable one for longer than a few years. And Tython is in the middle, at the exact center of the galaxy. If not its geographical position, it would have nothing to play an important role in history. And yet ...

No one knows why the Tho yor one day appeared in various parts of the galaxy, or what hand or will is hiding behind it. But these pyramidal ships took individuals here and there and took them to Tython. There they found ancient texts which they had to decipher and study. They thus learned to wield a certain power, which they did not yet call the Force. And their order took the name of Je'daii. Be careful not to confuse with the Jedi, this is not the same order. The main difference comes from the fact that the Je'daii did not only follow the Luminous side, which they called Ashla after one of Tython's moons. They advocated the total balance between Ashla and Bogan, the second moon and incarnation on the Dark Side. If a member of their order was deemed off-center, unbalanced in favor of either side, he was exiled to his favorite moon to meditate on the moon he was abandoning. The Je'daii order lasted for more than 10 years, with family members thus unable to maintain relations with Ashla or Bogan colonizing neighboring planets and forming various governments. A political network at the heart of the Deep Core, with various disturbances, alliances and interventions of the order in arbitration. This stopped when the Rakata Empire, the dominant galactic power of the previous era, began sending troops into this area of ​​the galaxy. They were led by users of the Force, and more specifically on the Dark Side. They felt the power of the Je'daii and came to face them in priority. They were defeated, but triggered a series of events that destroyed his opponents. Bogan's supporters became more and more numerous, and sought to seize power within the order. Their opponents gathered under the banner of Ashla and the masters Rajivari, Garon Jard, Cala Brin and Ters Sendon founded a new order, that of the Jedi.

Rajivari, founder of the Jedi Order and creator of the first lightsabers.

The wars of the Force between the supporters of Ashla and Bogan lasted several centuries, and the big loser was the planet itself. Ravaged, burnt, crushed ... The Jedi were victorious, but they won only ashes. They were forced to go into exile to survive. They thus left the Deep Core to meet the Corellian colonies and prepare for the next Republic. Abandoned, Tython was able to rebuild herself. And since the roads to access it changed regularly, the chances of stumbling across it were slim. More than 20 years later, the mapping of the Deep Core is still only touched on by the Republic. In the tranquility and abandonment, new vegetation covered the Je'daii ruins and its possessions, not only insulating them but also protecting them from time. Just like the flora, a new fauna is developing in these plains. And since the planet is no more than a note in the historical collections of the Jedi libraries, no one seeks to seek these treasures. In any case, the Republic's gaze is on the other side, towards the borders and the empires that have been built there (Sith, Hutt, Hegemony of Tion, etc ...)

What brought Tython back to the big Republic scene? The need for a prestigious victory. Over the past few centuries, the Jedi have suffered many setbacks. Exar Kun ravaged the planet Ossus, which had become the seat of order. Darth Malak bombed the enclave of Dantooïne. The campaign to return the Sith Empire ended with the sack of Coruscant. The main strongholds of the Jedi have all been destroyed. The confidence of the people is greatly diminished. Even the Senate is reluctant to openly appeal to them. It takes something they can brag about, hang on to as it all falls apart. A basis on which to prepare for the future. The taking back of the home planet of their order is one element of this magnitude. This is why they embarked on this business. And it was for having succeeded that the war heroine Satele Shan was appointed Grand Master of the Jedi, Head of the Council. She now lives on Tython with many of the order's greatest sages and warriors, forming the next generation and waiting for their contacts in the Republic to recall them to stand at the forefront of the war against the Sith. They unfortunately forget in their declarations of legitimacy the natives who developed during the thousands of years of their absence. And even that their own camp does not recognize them as the masters of the planet, those who should regulate the immigration that they have triggered.

The great master Satele Shan in full session of the Jedi Council in the temple of Tython.

In their construction of a new temple, a new academy, do the Jedi Council and Order remember that Tython is a place that cannot be kept for the long haul? The routes of the Deep Core change often, I have said. In the long term, you will have to change the coordinates regularly to make your way to the Jedi base. In the long run, this can only prove to be problematic and isolate those who want to be at the heart of the Republic. Has any action been taken? More serious still, the local defenses amounted since the beginning of the war to a few instructors and apprentices. The most powerful masters have gone to the front, and the cruisers on sentry around the planet have already proven their inability to prevent an Imperial raid. A Sith lord has tried before, and was only narrowly stopped by a Jedi commando who boarded his cruiser. The Empire knows Tython's coordinates, and its destruction would be just as symbolic a victory for the Empire as its recapture by the Jedi. What if they decide to attack a second time?

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