Skyforge - Meanwhile in Russia: Episode 3

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Welcome to this third episode of "Meanwhile, in Russia".

Today, focus on invasions and in particular the Invasion Atlases: how to unlock them, what is gained and within what limits.

Small supplement compared to the Operations, seen that they will be present for the next update of September 16.

First of all, as said in the video, the classic adventures populated by the same race of enemies as the invaders will be modified during the invasion and will offer special rewards (in the form of Signs).

The success of these adventures and the earning of these Signs does not require the Divine Form (I do not have it in the video), allowing almost all players to be able to take part (on a more or less large scale) in the invasions.

The principle of access to the Atlas of invasion does not change compared to the video, what I will bring more precision on, these are the operations (which one can see from 4:50 on the video).

Each day, the game will randomly pit you against 39 other players, listed on this page of the Aelinet.

In order to rise in this ranking, you will have to go on special adventures and earn Signs of the invading army. The operation will offer you 3 types of rewards that you can get by earning medals.

  • Orange medal: Your personal score, the game asking you to earn a certain amount of Signs for the day
  • Green medal: Your ranking, you will earn it as soon as you are in the top 10 of the ranking
  • Blue medal: Your team (ie the 39 players and you) aims to obtain a certain number of signs. As soon as this common goal is achieved, the blue medal is yours.

Winning the orange medal (personal goal) will bring you the 1st reward, you will get the second if you and your team have fulfilled their objective and you will have the last if in addition, you are in the first 10.

To the right of the countdown (indicating the end of the day of operations) are icons that appear to indicate which league you are in. Indeed, if you finish in the first (maybe 10, I will confirm to you tomorrow if I passed in the higher division) of your operation, you will pass in the higher league. In the latter, the objective will be harder but the rewards will be greater. According to the Russian Aelinet, there are 8 distinct leagues.

This is the end of what I could learn about Operations.


Update: I confirm for the change of league, I went to the one above this morning. The rewards are higher, normally the difficulty too (although only one Okki Island in rank S allowed me to reach 100% of my goal). This is what the In-Game operations interface looks like:

What do you think of this system?

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