Skyforge - Sky'Mag - Number 1: "A taste of Russia"

Welcome to this very first and brand new issue of Sky'Mag!

In this first issue, we will cover various topics, such as: distortions, invasions, the divine form and many others. All through the eyes and thoughts of a Russian beta player who kindly gave Sky'Mag some of his precious time, and we thank him!


Presentation of Sky'Mag

Being always on the lookout for the smallest crumb of information and having noticed the number of people in my case, the idea germinated little by little to finish its race on the Skyforge community forums, and that's how it was born the Sky'Mag!

The Sky'Mag therefore aims to find for YOU all the information about which little is said, if at all! In the few lines (well ... let's say a few) of this issue you will be able to learn more about distortions, invasions, pantheon wars and so on! Even if there is already information on this subject on the official website, the Sky'Mag will seek its information from its purest and most transparent source: the players! (and maybe some staff in the near future, you never know!).

Please keep in mind that creating and launching a project like this is not easy, and without your help it will not work. Also I expect readers to tell me everything they think could be improved, or what should be deleted, so the word is given: do not hesitate, I have strong morale and reviews don't scare me!

The little "tour of the property" being done, let's get to the heart of the matter without further delay.


Presentation of Exelon007, the seasoned streamer

First of all, let me tell you about Exelon and of our meeting, if you don't mind, of which here is the link of his Twitch channel (you will find various very interesting builds and a quality stream).

Exelon is 135k prestige (understand 135+), living in Russia, member of his server's most reputable pantheon and playing Archer (mostly); as much to say that the boy weighs in the medium, and that his opinion interests us!

Being a big Skyforge player myself (by big I mean here that I am able to spend a whole day there, almost without interruption, if you don't count the time it takes me to go empty and rinse my bowl, of course!), I spend a lot of time on the internet looking for news and feedback on Skyforge and the most enigmatic aspects of this magnificent MMO.

Wandering the internet one fine morning, I ended up landing on Twitch (a streaming site for those who don't yet know it), and that's where I saw it!

At the beginning it looked like a UFO, I did not understand what was happening on its screen so much its damage was smoked (and then the high prestige archer that deposits!). Then, when I at the same time continued to increase my prestige, I began to understand many things and especially one: "Damn, this guy is a machine to farm!" It was just amazing! From one week to the next the guy had taken almost 20k of prestige!

Always raiding or warping or invading and it was so good to watch imagining that soon it would be our turn!

Of course, it was impossible for me to just watch, I was only pestering him with questions about his Twitch chat, and the guy answered me with sympathy and good humor.

Still not being satisfied with what I was learning and always wanting to learn more, I ended up daring to ask him for a little Skype conversation that would rather be turned like an interview, or I could ask him all the questions that he wanted. burned my lips and also (and especially) yours!

Without even batting an eyelid, without even making me lose even a minute, he answered yes: he agreed, and that in addition I had the choice of the date and the time. !

We finally agreed on today (August 24) at 20 p.m. Moscow time, I was as impatient as I was nervous and excited. At first glance the guy is as relaxed and cool as on his stream: a real cream!

It was a pure treat, and know dear readers, that players like that we do not do much, because he still resisted the 2h15 interview, and with me as the interlocutor, it takes patience! No more presentations, let's go!


Interview by Exelon007

(For obvious reasons, everything is written in spanish, however know that it was 2h15 of interview in English / Russian and that, therefore, I had to readjust everything and I must admit that we have had a times or two of misunderstanding us; for that reason and if you find any inconsistency let me know folks, and in advance sorry!)

Taste : Hello, and first of all thank you for granting me this interview, and for taking your time to allow me to make you lose more of it haha!

Exelon : Haha, no worries it makes me happy to see people who are interested in Skyforge so if I can tell you more about anything, just ask!

Taste : Wow, that's super nice of you, and listen well, you won't ask me twice haha. Come on, let's start: How long have you been playing SF?

Exelon : Since December 2014 but the real closed beta started around June 2014.

Taste : it's starting to do, and speaking of which, is the game very successful in Russia?

Exelon : I would say yes, there are a lot of people playing it and getting into it every day just like a good bundle who still prefer LoL or CS to this MMO, but each has their own and there is something for everyone. But the game is enjoying undeniable success at the moment.

Taste : What brought you to play and especially to stay there?

Exelon : I was originally on Allods with a bunch of friends that I've been playing with for a long time, and then the game got bored around the same time Skyforge was announced. We all ended up going to Skyforge and we got straight to the graphics, gameplay and content and we plan to stay there for a while! There is also the fact that the developers and the staff in general are quite attentive to their community, which is pleasant and encouraging for the future.

Taste : Okay ! Okay, for the next question I am going to tackle an unfortunate and quite controversial subject on the EU forums at the moment namely: the prestige limit. My question is therefore the following: How is the limit of prestige perceived in you? Has she changed? Evolved ? Regressed? Is it problematic at very high prestige? Because with us given the lack of current content, once the limits are reached, there is not much to do except PvP or go farm the ideal weapon / ring / amulet.

Exelon : The limits are identical on the Russian beta, namely 20k per week because it is the maximum limit (understand that once at 20k per week - so after 6 resets or 6 weeks of play) we will no longer increase by 2k / week the following weeks, and this definitively) and once the milestone has been reached and well you have to take care elsewhere by farming the other limits then its items, its resources for such consumable or even going to PvP. However, once a certain prestige has been reached, it becomes almost impossible to get bored in the game with so much to do! And I think the limit is essential and indispensable because without it some players would probably already have clean most of the content, while there are still challenges that have not yet been taken up, even by our best players!

Taste : Wow, that reassures as for the lifespan of the game because this is also a worrying subject and which often comes up on the forums, in view of the current limits and I admit having been a little afraid for the long term. In short, speaking of "certain prestige" to be achieved, what about very high prestige content (understand Very High Level, ie from 68k prestige, the level at which we access the first distortions)? Is it viable enough that it doesn't make it too repetitive and boring? Is there more high prestige content planned for solo players?

Exelon : It must be recognized that currently there are two major problems in play, namely: the lack of challenge in solo adventures and the farm which can sometimes prove to be a real ordeal when targeting a particular ring or amulet in order to optimize to the maximum, and that the item does not want to fall. On the other hand the distortions offer a major and very interesting challenge which requires a lot of skill and tactics (unlike some dungeons / raids to which we get used quickly), our pantheon was the first to overcome it and this demanded of us a lot of testing and above all a lot of patience, so there is plenty to worry about. On the other hand, nothing new concerning the solo content, for the moment. (He also told me later that his pantheon was the first in the unofficial ranking of Skyforge pantheons, of which here are the European and Russian links: The EU site and The Russian site. PS: I am 939th for my part! )

Taste : Since we are on a good roll with very high prestige content, what about distortions? Can you tell us more about it ? Do they bring real new perspectives to the game?

Exelon : These are adventures for 10 players accessible from 68k prestige and after having built the necessary item via your pantheon (and therefore be part of a pantheon). They are accessible all the time, like a classic dungeon or raid, and only require a group of 10 players from the same pantheon. They grant a purple primary or secondary weapon each time you defeat them, but the level is high and it's just difficult to defeat them. So I would say they add a lot of content and insight, yes.

Taste : Still in the theme: and the invasions, then?

Exelon : The invasions start on Friday and last two weeks. New solo adventures and 5 player dungeons appear on the planetary globe, in which you can loot more or less the same items as in classic adventures and dungeons except that in invasions you will pick up sparks of resistance (not sure. of the translation) as well as the divine sparks necessary for the progression of the Divine atlas, knowing that the higher your rank is at the end, the greater the reward. Ah and if you hit an S rank, you earn a new costume.

Once enough sparks of resistance have been acquired, you unlock access to the boss, which is on a whole new level. It is also this same boss who has still not been defeated at the present time. (That would be billions of life points, and the current best team couldn't even take away even half of their life). With the arrival of invasions, new "invasion atlases" directly related to them will appear right next to your divine atlas, which can be improved in order to optimize their character even further.

Taste : Really, well it makes the mouth water all that, and once again that reassures! And the divine form in all of this? Is it gaining interest at higher prestige? Because currently I admit that I have no use for mine, but then not at all ... We can use it more often afterwards too? Once a week it's a little light all the same.

Exelon : The divine form becomes almost essential for distortions via its divine atlas, in order to improve its damage in divine form, its reductions in cooldowns, reduce the cost of divine spells etc ... Because in distortion you can transform yourself into a god for free via sparks that the bosses will release in the middle of a fight.

Taste : What good news definitely! And in this connection you suggest to mount it how this divine atlas? Because there is a choice there too. And I seemed to read something about "divine specializations", can you detail that too please?

Exelon : This is only my opinion, but I advise you to prioritize the reduction of CD and the costs in faith of the divine spells as well as the damage and the cost of transformation, in order to be able to use it more (up to three times a week). As for the divine specializations, no one has unlocked them yet, because no one has yet managed to kill the boss (the famous boss) who drops the resources that it costs to learn these specializations.

Taste : Thanks for the advice, it'll help me anyway. Can you tell me about the high prestige classes? What are they worth? With the arrival of the DPS meter in your version, I imagine that some must stand out, right?

Exelon : Above all (understand "in the majority of in-game activities (pvp / pve)") the Knight and the Witch. One for its resistance and its ability to duel against anything, and the other for its pure damage (understand without taking advantage of an alchemist boost, for example) and its disconcerting ease of solo farming. Even if there are 10 players, the Berserker and the Kinetic are above in terms of DPS over time.

Taste : I admit I'm only half surprised! And on the subject of PvP, does it have such an important place at very high prestige?

Exelon : Not really, because the majority of the challenges are mainly found in PvE, although the 3v3 content has a certain small success and the pantheon wars have a significant place and are quite technical.

Taste : I see, but then overall, what changes from the Russian version to our version? Aside from the fact that you have access to invasions and have been into distortions for a little while already?

Exelon : There are pantheon wars which are relatively nasty and require a minimum of organization and skill on the part of everyone, both in Pce and PvP (note: because apparently pantheon wars take place in PvE as well as in PvP / PvP!), And they bring a new twist to very high prestige content. The money spent on the coph ether cores, solar etc ... have been refunded and their system revised, it is now much more useful and efficient, and brings real bonuses to your rise in prestige. Moreover, it is no longer a question of aether cores or other but something called "Vector" (For more information on this subject, see our overview), which can be purchased in credits directly via the market or can be recovered in-game in killing monsters. The DPS-Meter is a big plus too, and the interface has been revamped a bit without changing suddenly, which I would say positively.

Taste : And in terms of weapon and armor appearances? Anything new there too?

Exelon : For the weapons, I'm not sure, but I think I read that the developers were going to add new skins, so to see. There's something new about armor, you'll see (laughs).

Taste : Besides, concerning the weapons and their famous overpriced boosters, has that changed on this side at home?

Exelon : Nothing new on this side, but there are only 20 levels of improvement and over time it gets done.

Taste : I see, and finally I would have liked to know if you know anything about the arrival of new classes in the game, and if so, when?

Exelon : For the moment we are talking about the Pyromancer who would arrive in the near future. Besides, the idea was born thanks to the community and to the players, via the forums! Something weird has also happened to us in the game lately: you know via the pantheon panel, where you can see each player as well as the classes they have unlocked, which are represented by icons. Well there was one more icon! It sounded like something you could characterize as "Pirate", although nothing is certain about it. So wait and see.

Taste : (big laughs) A pirate? Haha, it's not very background even if I like the idea!

Exelon : Haha, yes that also made us laugh a lot!

Taste : Well Exelon, that was my last question and on behalf of the European community I thank you for the time you have granted me and for this precious information which, I hope, will enlighten more than one!

Exelon : No worries, you come back when you want, I'm available!


And so ended our two hour interview, with a smile, a great desire to smoke and red ears (long live the helmets). After this interview we chatted privately on Skype, and Exelon let me know that if I had any questions afterwards he would be happy to answer them, which, believe me, I would be sure to do. !


The point and the conclusion

A lot of content and challenges, that's what I mainly remember! Of course there will always be suspicious people of whom I would surely be part, and who will end up bitching about something else but keep in mind that only weariness is boring, and that in the end we will have as much content as in most of the big MMOs at the moment, so there will be plenty to do, especially if you know how to find the bright side!

The game is only in beta at the moment, so this is an opportunity to add our two cents and try to make it the MMO we expect! I would therefore conclude by saying that Skyforge, although being very young, has a promising future and a community sufficiently involved and interested to pull him up and allow him to give the best of himself, all supervised by a staff attentive and present that takes into account the considerations and feedback of his community, which is becoming rare, do not forget!

So whether you are seasoned and ready for the distortions, or a beginner still hesitant about setting up this game, my advice is this: get comfortable, put on your headphones and sit on your keyboard as you have it. habit of doing, then launch the game and let yourself be transported, the world of Aelion still needs immortals more than ever!


Help Sky'Mag by making your contributions!

Sky'Mag is above all something community, so everyone can participate! It's not great ?! So whether you're casual looking for answers or a top 5 hardcore hardcore gamer and have something to say or ask, well go for it! Sky'Mag cannot hope to continue without readers, however small they may be, don't forget! 


Dear readers, that will be all for this first issue of Sky'Mag, which I hope will have brought you a little something whatever.

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