Skyforge - Wizard's Guide

Note: This Wizard's Guide will focus on the group PvE aspect, although most of the information here applies to single player and / or PvP play. This guide will be updated as the class evolves. The first 2 parts of this guide will describe each skill and talent. If you want to get to the point, go directly to the "Build and Rotation" part to see the distribution that I recommend as well as the rotation.


  • skills
  • Talents
  • Build et rotation
  • Equipment and Statistics


The Sorcerer is a Mage class from Skyforge. Equipped with a staff, the latter controls ethereal crows that he throws at his enemies in order to inflict damage over time. His role in a group is that of distributor of damage and he is currently quite sought after in raid for his skill "Volatile Curse" which allows, with a good organization of the group, to inflict a massive amount of damage in a very short time. The Wizard is also very mobile, which makes him a class of choice for solo adventures. Its energy resource is Magic, which recharges over time.


In order to facilitate understanding, you will find here a summary of the terms that I will use later (especially for the uninitiated). Reading this article may be helpful if you are new to the game.

DPS: Damage Per Second, represents the amount of damage done by your abilities. Also said of a class whose role is to cause damage.

Mono: Single target, qualifies skills that only hit one target.

AoE (or AE): Area Of Effect, qualifies skills affecting an area or a group of enemies.

Mob: Mobile Object, a small name given to enemies.

Burst: Ability to do a lot of damage in a short time but not always usable, opposed to sustained damage. Also said of skills temporarily increasing your damage or that of one or more of your allies.

CD: CoolDown, a skill's “countdown” cooldown. Also qualifies for skills that temporarily increase damage dealt or reduce damage received. And a CD, it "slams".

Channeled: refers to a skill whose effect will last until you release the key or a maximum time. In general, you have to channel your skill to the end to get the most out of it.

SG, SD: Left Mouse and Right Mouse, the clicks corresponding to the main attacks.

CàC: Body to Body.

Competence I, competence II…: defines the level of workload for the competences concerned.

DoT: Damage over Time, skill dealing damage over time.

Buff: Temporary improvement on your character, increasing his abilities (bonus damage, statistics, speed ...). Conversely, we have the Debuff.



  • Curse pose
  • Posture d'extermination
  • Location 1
  • Location 2
  • Location 3
  • Location 4

Defiling : SG

Launches ravens at the target, dealing damage over time for 10s. Cumulative 3 times. A full charge of the SG will apply 3 charges.

Epidemic : SD

Spreads Filth for half and Aging for its entire duration to enemies around the target. Also increases the diameter of Flight of Crows.


Changes the posture of the Sorcerer.

Flight of crows

Deals damage to the target and enemies within 6m of the target for 8s. 20s of CD. Costs 300 Magicka.


Gradually slows down the target. 40s of CD.

Dark Ritual

Channeled skill of 5s max. Restores 90 Magicka per second, Sorcerer must remain still while channeling. 40s of CD.

Note: The following skills are accessible in both postures

Evil eye

Reduces the damage done by the target by 33% for 10s. 50s of CD.


Ultimate skill. Deal heavy damage to enemies in a large area in front of the Sorcerer, scaring them and applying 3 levels of Taint to them. 10min of CD.

Proven remedy

Execution of the Sorcerer. Recharge Magic.

Killer Crows : SG

Only usable if the target is under the effect of Taint. Deals damage based on the number of Taint effects. Activates pulse charging. Costs 40 Magicka.

Explosion of Darkness : SD

Only usable if the target is under the effect of Taint. Consumes all the effects of Taint and deals damage proportional to the number of effects on the target. Compensates for some of the damage Filth should have inflicted. Activates pulse charging. 9s of CD. Costs 100 Magic. Triggers a change in posture.


Changes the posture of the Sorcerer.


Only usable if the target is under the effect of Taint. Consumes all the effects of Taint and deals damage proportional to the number of effects on the target and enemies around. Compensates for some of the damage Filth should have inflicted. Activates pulse charging. 9s of CD. Costs 140 Magicka. Triggers a change in posture.

Living Help

Only usable if the target is under the effect of Taint. Channeled skill dealing damage to target over 5s. Force the wizard to stand still.

For the 2 postures

Emissary of Filth

Over time, loads of this skill will appear above your action bar (maximum 6). A single press of the key will send all available crows in succession to the target, dealing damage.

Black Panthers

Summons 3 panthers, each heading towards 1 enemy within 15m (different if possible). Deals damage and stuns the target. Costs 160 Magicka. 40s of CD.


I tend to prefer the Emissary, which doesn't cost Magicka while dealing higher damage. Additionally, the Panthers' stun effect is useless against bosses in PvE.

In Extermination Posture

Ring of Fire

Place a circle on the ground with an 8m radius dealing high damage for 8s. Costs 200 Magicka. 1min30 of CD.

Sorcerer's Fire

Deal damage online in front of the Sorcerer. Activates pulse charging. Costs 190 Magic, 12s CD.


The cost / damage ratio is very much in favor of the Ring.

For the 2 postures

Black cats

A cat runs towards the targeted location, leaving a stunning trail any target crossing it. 15s of CD.

Volatile Curse

Can only be used on a monster. Places a shield on the target for 7s. If the latter is destroyed before 7s, inflicts massive amounts of damage to the target.


Volatile Curse is currently in high demand in raid-type content.

For the 2 postures


Transforms the target into a chicken for 6s. The latter will not be able to do anything other than move during this time. She has more than one shield, the transformation ending if it is destroyed. Costs 150 Magicka. 1m20 of CD.


Enchant enemies in front of the Sorcerer for 4s, incapacitating them. Costs 150 Magicka. 40s of CD


These 2 skills are very situational, I never use them. But bewitching seems to me the most useful in groups, allowing to control large groups of enemies, giving the tank a few seconds of respite.




Increase Transformation duration by 4s.

Okay, very situational in fact.

Circles of Sorcerers.

Increases damage of Raven Steal and Ring of Fire by 20%

A good damage bonus on often used skills. To take.

Dark Pact

Your execution reduces the Aging, Evil Eye, Bewitching, Transformation, and Raven Stealing CD by 50%.

Like all execution talents, it is hardly usable in group PvE. In addition, the effect is not particularly large.

Dark Period

Evil Eye increases the duration of checks on the target by 40%.

Rather PvP, way too situational in PvE.

Family broom

The damage of Living Aid and Emissary of Filth is increased by 12% per Filth effect on the target. Sorcerer's Fire damage increases by 10%.

The 36% bonus for Emissary justifies taking this talent.

Enveloping Darkness

Bewitched Fire knocks back enemies.

Situational, and I prefer Ring of Fire for damage.

Art of killing

Killer Ravens no longer consumes Magic.


Master of Transformations

Reduces Transformation CD by 50% and triples the shield value on the transformed target. At the end of the effect, remove Taint from the target if any.

Could be useful in some situations that I haven't encountered yet.


Double the duration of Enchantment on monsters

Too situational.

It's not funny to grow old

Aging lasts 1.5x longer.

Aging doesn't work on bosses. More PvP.

Sharp Claws

Black Panthers stun lasts 1.5s longer

In PvP.

False Rumor

Epidemic spreads Evil Eye.

Evil Eye does not work on bosses. More PvP.

Mort Subite

Dark Blast deals more damage if the target is less than 50% health

No question to ask. To take.


Evil Eye triples damage dealt to shields (except Transformation and Volatile Curse)

Situational and more PvP.

Plague Wind

Epidemic spreads Filth throughout its duration.

No question, to take.

Flying on a Broom

Sorcerer dodge increased to 20m and damage reduced by 80% during dodge duration

Adds to the mobility of the Sorcerer, one of his main weapons. To take.

Terrifying Swarm

If Filth is spread by Plague, affected enemies become Frightened for 2.5s. The same target can only be affected every 40s.

Quite useful in solo, I am more mixed in a group, this talent tending to scatter enemies.

Ninth Life

When the Wizard's health drops below 25%, he becomes invulnerable for 10s. 4min of CD.

Increases the Sorcerer's survival, which is rather practical given his low health points.

Marsh mucus

Living Aid Stuns the target for 1.5s.

I do not recommend the use of Aide Vivant.

Avian Apocalypse

Increases the damage of Taint, Explosion of Darkness and Extermination.




Build et rotation

The Sorcerer's playstyle will be based on DoTs as well as on his mobility which allows him to compensate for his very low health. For the build, I recommend the latter:

Sorcerer Build for PvE group

In order to inflict the most damage, the Sorcerer will have to spend his magic on his skills that inflict the most damage, then use Dark Ritual to recharge it and recapture that expense.

Single target rotation

For the single target rotation, I'm going to suggest an engaging rotation, which I think does the most damage.

3 Stacks of Filth Flight of crows Change of posture Ring of Fire Explosion of darkness

This first rotation will have already eaten up a significant portion of your Magic. It should be noted that it is possible to use Explosion during the activation of Ring of Fire, causing the latter to place itself anyway, saving you a few seconds. After this opening, I recommend the following rotation to regenerate your Magic:

3 Stacks of Filth Emissaries (one press is enough) Dark Ritual Change of posture Explosion of darkness

After that, you will find yourself in a lot of magic.

The rest of the rotation will consist of using your most powerful abilities (Raven Flight, Ring of Fire, Emissaries and Dark Explosion) as soon as they are available, which will require you to have the necessary Magic (so d (have used Dark Ritual beforehand) as soon as the CD of these skills is finished. The basic rotation will consist of 3 Filths then Dark Explosion (or Killer Crows while waiting for the CD to be completed). As a general rule, use Dark Ritual as soon as your Magic drops below 100 just after a Dark Blast. Remember to put 3 stacks of Filth beforehand. For Emissaries, it is important to use them when your target has 3 Taints and your Explosion is on CD.

Rotation Multicible

The AoE rotation is much the same as the single target, except that you will use Outbreak after putting 3 Filths and Raven Steals on one of the targets and you will replace Dark Blast with Extermination.

3 Stacks of Filth Flight of crows Epidemic to spread Filth to all targets and increase the radius of Flight Change of posture Extermination


I will end this part with a little point on the Volatile Curse. The latter can inflict significant damage if used at the right time. On the other hand, it remains a double-edged tool, which will require good coordination with your Alchemists. Discuss it beforehand to know when to put it on.

Equipment and Statistics

Primary Weapon

Increased Taint damage.


Secondary weapon

For the secondary weapon, I tend to prefer the one that reduces the damage taken during Dark Ritual, a crucial moment in your rotation that requires you to stay still (and therefore receive area damage).



Ideal are amulets that increase the damage of Dark Blast and Extermination. Otherwise, take the one that increases Explosion damage.


Rings and Chapels

For stats, I tend to favor the Strength / Luck combo, which works great for the Witch.

For chapels, Impact Strength / Accuracy / Critical Chance are your best choices.



For symbols, your best allies will be Ultimate Strength and Maximum Recoil, which will further increase the Strength and Luck contribution of your rings. Laceration Injury and Lucky Shot also work well with your high Luck score. Then, the Sorcerer symbol (increasing your Filth damage by 25%) pairs particularly well. In general, any other symbol increasing your damage is good to take after these.


This is the end of this Wizarding Guide, if you have any questions, don't hesitate.

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