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SoulWorker, an MMORPG developed by Lion Games, will soon be distributed across Europe and North America through Gameforge.

Although there is no precise date yet, Daniel Werner, SoulWorker Product Director at Gameforge, tells us that:

With SoulWorker, we will be able to meet the expectations of many players in Europe and North America. SoulWorker's style apart will be especially popular with anime fans. And we are really looking forward to embarking on this new adventure.

SoulWorker is a South Korean action MMORPG. The game is mainly focused on objective combat. Whether with a keyboard / mouse combo or a joystick, players will be able to play at the controls of a chosen fighter who fights against dark forces which threaten the post-apocalyptic universe of SoulWorker.

Each person is endowed with a specific vivid emotion (similar to rage, energy, etc. in other MMOs) that defines their class and weapon. SoulWorker also promises new classes coming out of the usual archetypes and gives us as an example the Howling Guitar, using a magic electric guitar to provoke zone attacks or to heal with music.

Developed under HAVOK Vision Engine +, SoulWorker promises detailed celluloid-shaded animations, cutscenes and musical dialogue giving the game a cinematic feel.

Soul Worker will offer upon release

An animated story gripping for the survival of humanity

  • Hordes of enemies threaten the surviving SoulWorker universe: creatures from other dimensions, a private military group, and other power-hungry peoples seek to annihilate humanity.
  • At the start of the game, players can choose between four classes in pure anime style:
    • Soulum Sword
    • Mist Scythe
    • Gun Jazz
    • Howling Guitar
  • The camera in objective view allows, for its part, to transpose to the screen all the frenzy of the fighting in real time.

Rich and consistent PvE content

  • The game offers more than 100 PvE instances with, at the end of each episode, bosses to face according to several levels of difficulty. Thus, the first instances tell the story of SoulWorker, while the areas of higher levels or offering daily challenges allow adventurers to collect loot.

An area entirely dedicated to PvP

  • Located on the border of PvP zones, "District 6" is a risky PvP zone where clashes between players take place. And to top it all off, this area is infested in his heart with delirious monsters and a gigantic boss.

A crafting, guild, and housing system

  • The crafting system allows you to create many items from crafting blueprints. In addition to that, players can form groups and guilds, or even appropriate land to build and decorate the home of their dreams. A very handy market also offers armor, weapons, as well as special cards granting reinforcement spells.

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