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A call for sovereignty

Gazette de Terra - Edition dated 12.03.38

Proposal of a bill for sovereignty by the Governor of Terra

By Viola Filler

During a political rally for the re-election of the mayor of New Benzi, Nadir Padwani, Governor Terran made a stunning new proposal. Darkness was beginning to fall and fundraising was in full swing when Assan Kieren stepped forward and took a podium position. No one suspected that he was about to make a statement that would have the effect of a bomb.

At approximately 17:15 p.m. local time, Assan Kieren revealed his intentions to hold a referendum for the people of Terra and neighboring systems regarding separation from the Imperator and the UEE.

“The Imperator lives in an era where extraterrestrial civilizations are to be feared. We who live here, where the Banu and the Xi'An are our neighbors, where we meet them every day, we know that they are not enemies. They are a people, just like us. Maybe their culture is different, their motivations maybe different, but they are just trying to live, to live in safety. The Imperator just keeps them at bay through a weapon's sight, but I don't think we can continue down this path. As Carson once said, “If you live with the anticipation of a war, sooner or later you will end up having one. In summary, I think the Earth is more and more disconnected from current realities which results in political and social instability in all systems. This is not a call to take up arms or an invitation to conflict. All I ask is for a dialogue. "

Needless to say, few people talked about the re-election of the mayor after that ...

United / Tribune NewsOrg - Edition dated 34.05.38

Terra's seditious bill fails

By Raymond Castor

The motion for separation proposed by the infamous Terran Governor Assan Kieren was not accepted following the public referendum which took place today. As might be expected, the loyal citizens of Terra and neighboring systems realized that Kieren's plan for sovereignty was a poorly conceived and unrealistic idea that would have led them and their children to an unstable future and they fell apart. heard. They went to the polls en masse to say, “No, we don't agree. We don't think the EAEU is harming us. "

Hopefully Kieren got the message.

Gazette de Terra - Edition dated 24.09.38

The Governor at the heart of a scandal

By Viola Filler

No matter which direction Assan Kieren seems to be heading, he is the victim of yet another accusation. Since his proposal for the sovereignty motion six months ago, the Governor has had to face numerous charges ranging from infidelity to drug addiction to corruption. The Governor made a statement earlier today to all news agencies.

“These allegations are without merit and are meant to draw attention away from the real problem. The Imperator and his horde of supporters have undermined government procedures by ignoring the obvious will of the people to free themselves from a corrupt and unscrupulous government. "

Kieren explained that he had evidence of vote tampering and proven fraud by EAEU pay employees. This evidence has been presented to the courts and will be part of his ongoing legal case against the Imperator Messer VIII.

Gazette de Terra - Edition dated 04.11.38

Xi'An / Human terrorist network unveiled

By Raymond Castor

The enemy is among us! Early this morning, Defense agents announced the resolution of a large-scale inter-agency operation in the murky environment of traitors and saboteurs. Dozens of arrests have already taken place and more are yet to come. Anonymous sources inside the government claimed that the Xi'An terrorists had succeeded in infiltrating several positions within the government and some corporations. Although we are still awaiting an official statement, several sources have confirmed to us that the former Governor of Terra, Assan Kieren, could be involved.

The same Governor, if you remember, who disappeared after being kicked out by loyal citizens as a result of his paranoid and desperate attempts to wreak havoc and lawlessness in the systems.

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