SWTOR - 3.0: All our guides and overviews

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On this early access day, you may have seen many articles blooming on the site regarding this new Shadow of Revan expansion. You should know that all this content that you see is taken from the test server, to which we were able to be invited, in order to prepare all these guides and insights that you could discover.

Here is a small recap of all these articles.



  • Patch-notes 3.0


Scenario and quest :

  • ZL Wild Hunt
  • ZL Battle for Rishi
  • ZL single player mode
  • Operation Ravagers
  • The missions of the mission terminals


Planets :

  • Discovery of Rishi
  • Discovery of Yavin IV
  • Rishi Daily Quests
  • Yavin IV Daily Quests
  • Rishi's success
  • Rishi's Datacrons
  • World boss sur Yavin IV


Equipment :

  • Disciplines
  • Republic PvE Equipment
  • JcE Empire equipment
  • Republic PvP Gear
  • Empire PvP Gear
  • Statistics and optimization
  • Reputations and sellers
  • Cartel Packs: Initiate and Pilgrim Shadow Packs
  • Crew skills


Also, don't forget that you can find our New Disciplines tool in The Old Republic, which will replace our Talent Trees tool.

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