SWTOR - 3.0: Rishi's Datacrons

This guide is here to introduce the method you will need to use in order to embark on the series of successes leading to the datacrons of the planet Rishi. Four datacrons that will each grant you +10 in each primary stat (Aim, Will, Stamina and Hint).

To arrive at these datacrons, you will have to follow several steps as follows:

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4

Kill the following 3 Monsters (5% chance to pop at the location indicated):

Boa the Grophet


Pay the Prophet


Brick the Grophetus  (which I could not face despite a long enough time to wait)

On each of these monsters you will find gray coins (data) to keep absolutely! Be careful, they are sold to the PNJ via the "sell gray items" button or when you send your partner to sell them. They are not mission objects!

From this step you will be timed. You will need to complete the rest in less than an hour and a half. As much to say to you that you have more than ample time to do it. However, it is good to know that the timer is in real time and not in game time. This means that if you disconnect, the stopwatch will continue to run. That being said, let's move on to the next steps.

When you have obtained all three data, you will need to go to the next location to get to Slave Island. Namely, that you can do this in a group perfectly and that it only takes one person with all three data.


There you will find a blue crate allowing you to teleport to this island as in the continuation of the quest. Then go to the north of the island on the next point.

Once you reach the small skull stack, you will need to activate all three data (right click in the inventory on each of them). You will see three buffs land on you. Once these three buffs have been acquired, you will have to click on the skull in front of you. A countdown of 1h30 will be launched. This is the maximum time you will have to complete the next step.

 To complete step 3, you will need to return to town. In a dead end is a small vial of perfume that you can now activate. Here is the location shown on the map and how to find the vial there:


Once you have clicked on this vial you will have a second "scent" buff that will land on you. You can then go to the next step.

This step will bring you close to the position of the datacron. You will need to get to the island north of Rishi using the speeder or your recall point if you already have it. Then go to the west:

In front of the two statues that you see there is a new pile of skulls. You can click on it. A toxic cloud then emerges if you have missed one of the previous steps, on the other hand if all goes well, a blue laser appears as in the image above. It indicates the position of the datacrons. You will then just have to follow it and click on the stone at the end. Tentacles will appear and destroy it. Datacrons can be found underneath along with 7 chests - if they are there!

Currently some of these achievements do not stay on display after logging out. We still don't know if they disappear from validated achievements or if this is just a display issue.


Will you have the courage to go and find these datacrons? 

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