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Please note, this article contains story revelations in Knights of the Fallen Empire, after Chapter 9. 

That's it, you put your luggage in the base of your Alliance? Have you discovered your new friends, especially the four specialists?

Well, it's time to grow the ranks of the Alliance and recruit your new partners.

Professor Oggurobb will give you the first leg of the journey.


The Tracker

Rewards :

  • 10 Ordinary Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • 1 Locked Merchandise Crate: Alien Research
  • 1 Rank 6 Partner Gift

The first mission to recruit a partner will ask you to go on the trail of Yuun, a partner well known to the Soldiers.

Go outside to find your personal ship (which is suddenly very empty!) And go to Zakuul.

Once on Zakuul, simply follow the directions on the map to find Yuun.

It will then ask you to find four components. Again, just look at the icons on the map.

Once all four components have been found, no need to go back. You just have to open the "Partners and contacts" window, click on Yuun and you just have to click on "Join the contact" at the top right.

You can then return to Odessen to speak to Oggurobb. Same process, you can teleport directly to him. This first quest is then over and Yuun joins your alliance as a partner.



It is after this first mission that the Alerts are unlocked. Alerts are missions that will allow you to bring together other partners from various backgrounds.


Death before dishonor

Rewards :

  • 10 Ordinary Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • 1 Locked Merchandise Crate: Ancient Artifacts
  • 1 Rank 6 Partner Gift

Sana-Rae sends us to Ilum to investigate a vision that will allow us to recruit Xalek, companion of the Sith Inquisitor.

Talk to the mine foreman, who sends us to investigate mysterious deaths. Teleport to Republic Base Camp, then head south.

Find the holocom in one of the huts.

Then head north now!

If you can't click on the entrance to the mine, as I did, I deco-reco and it worked.

After having examined the entrance of the mine, return to the foreman, where we (re) meet this famous exterminator who is none other than Xalek. Several choices are available to you during the conversation:

  • Letting him kill the miners will greatly increase his Influence
  • You will be able to fight in a duel so that he accepts to join you
  • After the duel, you can ask him again to join you, or imprison him or even kill him outright.

Once you have made your choice, you can return to Sana-Rae for the end of the quest.


The Resounding Vocalizer of Freedom / The Forgotten Trophy

Rewards :

  • 10 Ordinary Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • 1 Locked merchandise crate: military equipment
  • 1 Rank 6 Partner Gift
  • 1000 War zone awards

This quest will bring you either to Coruscant, or to Dromund Kaas to contact M1-4X or Major Pierce.

3 solutions to recruit them:

  • Achieved Bravery Rank 40 (PvP)
  • Participate in 20 Unranked War Zones (wins count as two)
  • Be a Soldier (M1-4X) or Sith Warrior (Pierce) to unlock them directly


Profile mixologique

Rewards :

  • 10 Ordinary Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • 1 Locked Goods Crate: Contraband Goods
  • 1 Rank 6 Partner Gift

If you were subscribed before August 11, you are therefore logically eligible to receive Nico Okarr, the famous smuggler-bounty hunter that we saw in the Return cinematic.

He may also be on your team, having used the token in your inventory (which would deprive you of a hidden success). In any case, you have to do the quest to be able to recruit him into the Alliance.

Direction Zakel, where Nico is waiting at a cantina. He asks you to make him a drink, which could represent who you are. So transform yourself into a bartender for a quest.

Choose three ingredients (it doesn't matter which one you choose). Above all, as Nico reminds you, do not forget the small parasol. He is on the left of the bar facing Nico.

Once your three ingredients have been chosen, use the blender on the bar and offer your cocktail to Nico. If you haven't forgotten the parasol, it will approve even more.

He will then join your team and all you have to do is find Hylo for your reward.


Knowledge against power

Rewards :

  • 10 Ordinary Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • 1 Locked Goods Crate: Contraband Goods
  • 1 Rank 6 Partner Gift

Sith Inquisitors can recruit Talos directly.

Head to Yavin IV to recruit Talos Drellik, who are excavating the Temple of Sacrifice.

And you will help him! Go to the first site to collect two artifacts (they are next to each other).

  • Site 1
  • Site 2
  • Site 3
  • Site 4
  • Site 5

To get there, go to the left side.

Return to Talos' camp, which will join your Alliance. Return to the base near Oggurobb for your reward.


Scoring hunt

Rewards :

  • 10 Ordinary Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • 1 Locked merchandise crate: military equipment
  • 1 Rank 6 Partner Gift

Jedi Consular can recruit Qyzen directly.

The Trandoshans respect the ritual of the hunt. And to be able to prove to Qyzen that your hunt is worthy of him, it will be necessary to please the Keeper of Points.

For this, you will have to hunt down creatures and collect trophies to increase Qyzen's Influence up to 10. Several solutions to this:

  • World Boss
  • Targets worthy of the jagganath

This is the most efficient and fastest solution, as long as you have a fairly large group of players following you.

Each defeated World Boss grants you a trophy, which will earn you 3500 Influence with Qyzen. You will therefore need 3 WBs to undo just to reach the 10 points required.

List of the boss:

  • Dromund Cheese (Empire): The First (level 18)
  • Coruscant (Republic): SD-0 (level 18)
  • Balmorra (Empire): Grandpa (level 22)
  • Taris (Republic): Alpha Subject (level 21)
  • Tatooine; Jaw Trap (Level 30)
  • Nar Shaddaa: R4-GL Battle Droid (Level 32)
  • Alderande: Ulgo Siege Breaker (Level 35)
  • Quesh: Cartel Battle Droid (Level 38)
  • Country: The Elder (level 38)
  • Hoth: Snowblind (level 44), Gargath (level 49)
  • Belsavis: The Primal Destroyer (level 50)
  • Voss (1.3)The Nightmare Pilgrim (level 50)
  • Belsavis (Sector X 1.4): Dreadfang (level 50)
  • Corellia (2.0): The Lucky

Note that you can only give him one trophy from each WB.

This method takes a bit longer, but if you ever don't have boyfriends available, you can still finish this quest.

On Hoth, if you search well, you may find "Jagganath Worthy Targets". Once eliminated, they will give you trophies (in "Mission items", not in inventory), which you can then exchange in Qyzen for 500 Influence.

It will therefore take 20 trophies to complete the quest.

Here is a map with confirmed locations. The dots represent areas, the enemies do not necessarily appear in precisely the same places each time. You can also find several types: wampas, Whitefang, etc.

A word of advice: the central zone where there are the most points is quite full of targets, do not hesitate to browse the mountain to find some.

Once you've collected enough trophies to increase Qyzen's influence to 10, return to him. You can give it 000 trophies at once to go faster.

You can then choose the dialogue option to recruit him. Be careful, because you will not be able to give him trophies afterwards. To check if it is possible to give it once the required 10 points have been reached.

The Warriors of Qyzen will join the Alliance and you can return to Admiral Agyo.


A nice old monster

Rewards :

  • 10 Ordinary Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • 1 Locked merchandise crate: military equipment
  • 1 Rank 6 Partner Gift

It is necessary to have recruited four companions from the previous alerts before unlocking this one.

Doctor Lokin now lives in Alderande, where he is trying to find a cure. To be able to recruit him, it will therefore first be necessary to help him find this remedy.

Initially, it will be necessary to bring certain resources to him to reach rank 10 of Influence (10 points):

Bioanalysis Material :

  • Analgesic extract: 24 for 300 points
  • Metamorphic cell cultures: 24 for 300 points
  • Hemostatic gel: 20 for 300 points
  • Auto-immune regulators: 12 for 300 points

Don't forget the Merchant Jawas who can get you these items in exchange for junk!

Rakghouls items :

You can also bring him items collected during rakghoul events.

  • Rakghoul DNA Cartridge: 250 points
  • Amblyopic barnacle (once only): 4000 points

Once you've reached rank 10, unfortunately, it's not over yet! We will have to go to the rakghoul tunnels to deploy probes there. And of course, the rakghoul tunnels are only accessible during the linked event. We will therefore have to wait for the rest of this quest. Here are the dates of the next Rakghouls events:

  • 10 November (Alderande)
  • December 15 (Tatooine)
  • January 12 (Corellia)

The principle is simple, you just have to go to the coordinates indicated on your map, in the rakghoul tunnels. Four locations are marked, where it will be necessary to deploy a probe. You will have to defeat a few waves of rakghouls, then you move on to the next location, and so on.

Then go back to the Doctor. Unfortunately, that is not enough. What could help would be to take samples from the very heart of a Sarlacc. Berk! Good bah, when to go. Direction therefore Tatooine, and its Sea of ​​sand.

You will see a yellow area near the sarlacc. Deploy the probe there and then wait for the data to arrive. If you don't see anything appear, make a decoration. Logically, you should see a small container on the ground:

Once done, return to Lokin who will now join your crusade.

Note: Guide to Doctor Lokin's Hidden Achievement.


So that concludes this guide "for the moment". But there is no doubt that other alerts are to be expected soon!

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