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With update 4.0, a lot of changes have been made to equipment and Flashpoints / Operations. It is therefore time to take stock of the new equipment available and how to obtain it.

Note that this guide is intended for levels 65. It is no longer possible to find level 50, 55 and 60 equipment with data crystals, the boost in ZL / Operations being there to compensate for this. absence. However, you can still find equipment modifications from Fleet Vendors (Reserves) or via Crew Skills.



  • Index 208
  • Index 216
  • Index 220
  • Index 224

Three ways to get equipment with this index:

  • Crew Skills - blue blueprints to learn from your Crew Skill Trainer Armor Maker / Synthweaving (non-modifiable adaptable armor - not valid for equipment modifications)
  • Ordinary Data Crystals - Reserves merchants on the fleet, in the Alliance base or on certain planets
  • Tactical Litigation Zones / Star Fortresses H2

Four means at your disposal for this index:

  • Crew Skills - blueprints obtained by reverse engineering the 208 index learned at the trainer or obtained in Operation / Data Crystals
  • Shining Data Crystals - Reserve Merchants on Fleet, Alliance Base
  • Contentious Areas in Hard Mode
  • Story Mode Operations - Equipment Tokens or Equipment with no set bonus

Three ways to get the near ultimate equipment:

  • Crew Skills - Blueprints obtained by Reverse Engineering Index 216, obtained in Operation / Data Crystals
  • Radiant Data Crystals - Reserve Merchants on Fleet, Alliance Base
  • Hard mode operations

Two ways only for Ultimate Endgame Gear:

  • Nightmare Mode Operations
  • High priority Hard Mode operations (check on the Gav Daragon / Shadow of Ziost fleet ship)


Cost in Data Crystals

The costs of different equipment are now standardized against Ordinary, Shining, and Radiant Data Crystals.


Loot table

Here is already the table proposed by Geofraynils, with the Imperial Legion guild.

Then the loot obtained in each operation and by parts.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • By pieces

Eternity Chamber
Nightmare Mode not available

  • XRR-3 Annihilation Droid: Belt
  • Gharj: Gloves
  • Old Pylons: Atrium
  • Demonic Council: Relic
  • Soa The Demonic: Main hand

Karagga Palace
Nightmare Mode not available

  • Bone Breaker: Cuffs
  • Jarg & Sorno: Feet
  • Foreman Crusher: Atrium
  • Heavy Builder G4-B3: Legs
  • Karagga the Unyielding: Torso

Denova - Explosive conflict

  • Zorn & Toth: Implant
  • Calcinis & Storm Helm: Relic
  • Colonel Vorgath: Head
  • Warchief Kephess: Torso

Asation - Nightmare from elsewhere

  • Absolute Horror: Belt
  • The Dread Guards: Feet
  • Operator IX: Head
  • Kephess the Eternal: Implant
  • Nightmare from elsewhere: Off Hand

Darvannis - Lair of Infamous Rascals

  • Dash'Roode: Cuffs
  • Titan 6: Gloves
  • Slayer: Implant
  • Head of Operations: Legs
  • Olok the Shadow: Relic
  • Cartel Warlords: Torso
  • Dreadmaster Styrak: Main hand

Dread Fortress

  • Nefra: Belt
  • Gate Commander Draxus: Gloves
  • Grob'thok: Atrium
  • Corruptor Zero: Legs
  • Dreadmaster Brontes: Off Hand

Dread Palace

  • Beast: Poignets
  • Tyrants: Feet
  • Calphayus: Head
  • The rape is left
  • Dread Council: Torso

The pests

  • Sparky: Belt
  • Quartermaster Bulo: Feet
  • Torque: Atrium
  • Blaster: Legs
  • Coratanni: Main main

Temple of Sacrifice

  • Malaphar: Poignets
  • The Sword Squad: Gloves
  • Sub-Ranger: Head
  • Commander Revanitis: Implant
  • Revan: Secondary hand

Toborro's Court / Heart of Ruin

  • Golden Fury: anything can fall
  • Colossal monolith: anything can fall


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