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Please note, this guide contains revelations about the history of KotFE.

After the introduction, where we fought EPHEMERIS in one of the Star Fortresses, it's time to prepare to destroy them.



Star Fortresses orbit six planets. We infiltrated one, where we fought an AI, EPHEMERIS. We also learned that each Fortress was commanded by an Exarch, a sort of powerful mystical knight, and that they were protected by shields, launched from the planet into bunkers.

It is therefore up to us to make contact with the local resistance in order to destroy these bunkers, to then infiltrate the Star Fortress and eliminate the Exarch. The path is the same for each Fortress.



In the Partners and Contacts window, you will find in the Alerts tab the list of Resistance Contacts. Choose one, then join it on the planet.

  • Bunker
  • Transmitter
  • Refueling

First step: Reconnaissance to study the shield bunker. Go to the place indicated, use the macroscope to study the bunker.

You can then deactivate the transmitter, which will cause a Walker to appear.

Report back to the contact.

For the rest, it will first be necessary to refuel and bring locked boxes of goods (5) in contact. You get one first as a reward for the previous quest. It will then be necessary to find four more to be able to launch the assault on the bunker and thus reach rank 10 of Influence with contact.

For this, you can perform Heroic missions, which give one as a reward. You can also buy them from the contraband seller on Odessen, in the cantina, for 50 .


Assault on the bunker

Now is the time to launch the assault on the bunker which is heavily protected by two laser turrets.

But luckily, a little resistance bonus, you have an Orbital Strike to throw against these turrets.

Infiltrate the bunker and speak to your contact. Progress by eliminating enemies and you will only have to eliminate the generator defender and destroy the shield.

Now all that remains is to return to Odessen to begin the last part: the complete destruction of the Star Fortress!


Star Fortress

It's time to go kick that Exarch's ass and blow up those Star Fortresses. Sergeant Akhar is now waiting for you on Odessen to start the mission.

You now have the choice to complete the mission in single player or expert mode (H2). This mode may be doable on its own, but expect some resistance. Good equipment and a partner with high Influence can help you!

Once the mission is launched, you find yourself on the planet with Theron and you can choose your destinations on the computer. Of course, only Star Fortresses whose shields you have disabled are available.

  • Buffs
  • Religious texts
  • Paladins
  • Prison
  • Weekly Quest
  • Missions bonus

At the start of the zone, a terminal is available, allowing your four specialists to give you four buffs:

  • Increased health
  • Presence increased
  • Damage inflicted increased
  • Effectiveness and enemy damage reduced

Note that a success requires defeating an Exarch without these buffs. But you only need to do it once, so don't hesitate to take the buffs as soon as you can, they will come in handy, especially in solo!

You can also find Medical Equipment Stashes, but you will need to reach rank 10 of Influence with the specialist concerned to take advantage of them.

Oggurobb : Prototype medical probe

Aygo : XR-9 Jamming Grenade

Sana-Rae : Zakelian Force Catalyst

Hylo : Portable Sentry Turret

Religious texts are disseminated on each Fortress. 6 achievements for each and 1 after you find them all, granting you the title of "Traditionalist".

Their location is hit or miss, but with a good search, you should find them easily.

In each of the Strongholds are Paladins, named Champions. There are 4 per Fortress, but do not appear at the same time.

Eliminating them will earn you achievements. If you succeed in eliminating all 24, the Title "Fallen Knight" as well as the miniature Star Fortress decoration await you.


If you ever happen to accidentally die, be aware that this will not be definitive (in the end, as in all ZLs). The difference this time is that you will end up in jail! And that to get out of it, it will take a few actions.

First, get the guard's attention when he walks past your cell with the temporary bar's first power.

Then use the second power that will knock him out and use the remote control fallen to the ground.

You are out of the cell, but not yet completely free. In the next room, use the forceps to remove your Suppression Collar. Collect the gas capsule right next to it and place it on the door so you can escape.

A weekly quest allows you to collect:

  • 20 
  • 15 
  • 1 locked merchandise crate of your choice

To fill it, you will have to destroy 6 Star Fortresses.

As you explore each Star Fortress, you will find bonus missions, appearing randomly, and giving various objectives: killing guards or bugs, deactivating consoles, etc ...

These missions reward you with Influence for your partners.

Completing 25 Bonus Missions grants you success, rewarding 20 Cartel Coins:


After progressing through the Fortress and eliminating a whole bunch of enemies, it's time to finally face the Exarch. It is in the heart of the solar reactor that we will face it.

In the first room, you will have to eliminate some guards. They will drop a Photoelectric Alteration Field. Available in a temporary action bar, it will allow you to protect yourself from the rays on the ground.

To move between the different platforms, use the Magnetic Tie-Down Towers. Be careful, your partner may not follow you. Check before you start a fight!

You finally meet the Exarch in the second room. Accompanied by two friends, you can see him absorbing energy from the reactor.

Take care of his boyfriends then turn off the console right in front. It will make him run away.

From the second room, things get a bit more complicated. We will have to proceed step by step.

The Exarch is initially protected by a shield and you can see that he has 10 stacks of this buff. The goal will be to make it lose all its accumulations so that it recharges again on the reactor and that we can overload the console again.

Take care of his friends first, he is invulnerable anyway. Watch out for its orange areas on the ground, they can be formidable. Feel free to send damage areas as much as possible. Also, don't forget the Heroic Moment, which now lasts longer and recharges faster. If you've unlocked a lot of Inheritance Powers, they will be of great help to you.

At one point, the Exarch will send a blast towards some kind of teleporters, which will spawn droids. These droids will certainly drop Dendritic Photocell Capacitors after defeating them, which will appear in your temporary action bar, which you can use on the Exarch to drain his accumulations. Note that anyway, it loses its accumulations regularly, so theoretically, you just have to wait for it to empty. But it goes much faster using the Capacitors too.

Same thing for the third room, jump that the Exarch has a little more accumulations.

Once you have passed the third room, grab hold of the high magnetic docking tower to finally confront the Exarch.

The fight is not essentially hard (contrary to what you can read elsewhere), I did it in DPS equipment 192/208, with a Heal partner, believe me, it goes like butter. However, think about the buffs at the beginning that can be useful, as well as again and again the Heroic Moment.

The Exarch has a few abilities:

  • Orange areas on the ground to avoid
  • Impaling strikes, which you can interrupt
  • He causes Apparitions to appear at regular intervals. Attack them as soon as possible (a white hit on them is enough), they give you a buff reducing your damage and healing
  • Throws the target back far enough. Beware of the void!

Once defeated, all you have to do is escape from the Fortress before the explosion.


Congratulations, you have destroyed your first Star Fortress. Only five to destroy now!

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