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This guide may contain revelations about the history of KotFE.


Once Chapter 9 is over, things start to happen for the Alliance. On the one hand, it will have to be made to grow, by recruiting new supporters. And it will also be necessary to counter the threats of the Eternal Empire, symbolized by the Star Fortresses, machines of destruction placed in orbit around certain planets, and annihilating all resistance. It is therefore up to us to ensure that these threats are eliminated.



Contrary to what one might think, KotFE does offer a new Litigation Zone, even if it is of a slightly different kind. The continuation of the quest will lead you to destroy a first Star Fortress in solo. The other Star Forges will then be available in solo or in H2.


Battle for the stars

After completing Chapter 9, in the Alliance base you will find an NPC, initiating the start of the quest.

After the introduction, meet with Sergeant Ahkar to start the ZL.

In the ship, click on the navigation computer, you will be able to choose your destination (this has little importance in the end).

Direction Alderande for us and the station is quickly visible.

Follow the path indicated by the map and eliminate the few enemies.

You will come across a Praetorian Skytrooper, a sort of mini-boss that shouldn't be a big deal to you. He summons reinforcements and launches area attacks. Avoid the orange areas, that will be enough.

Continue your progress, you will eventually find yourself in front of the boss of the ZL, EPHEMERIS.

To make it appear, you will first have to deactivate the two consoles on each side, each protected by a shield. Eliminate waves of enemies until a shield falls, then click on the console to hack it. Do the same with the other once their shield has deactivated.

EPHEMERIS will then land in physical form. Nothing special, it regenerates a little health after a cast attack, but it remains negligible.

It is time to retreat and process the information gathered from these Star Fortresses. Return to the Alliance base to find Miot.

Next step: contact the resistance of the worlds threatened by a Star Fortress and all that happens in the "Partners and Contacts" window, in the "Alerts" tab.

Choose one of the planets, then use the button next to the mission to go directly there.

Once you have made contact with one of the resistance fighters, the quest ends and you can get your reward.


The next step will be the destruction of the six Star Fortresses. But all in good time, we will see that in a future guide.

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