SWTOR 6.0 - Datacron Mek'Sha

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There are two new datacrons on Mek'Sha. The two are close to each other and require to climb via the speeder on the heights of the asteroid.


Let's start by going to see the datacron on the heights of Mek'Sha. A bit like one of the Nar Shaddaa datacrons, we will have to climb on a probe to bring us closer to our goal. Let's go to coordinates (-30; 3810) first to see the location and the platforms below to access.

Then go to the starting point at coordinates (80; 3800). It must be mounted on the ring of the advertising board as shown in the pictures below.

Let the panel go around the bridge and when it comes back down, jump onto the first platform. Climb on the ship to jump on the next one lower (the mount is enough but a speed of force facilitates the jump). Continue to the base of the structure by jumping on the landing next to it, then go down on the next ship. It will then suffice to cross the platform to the datacron.



For the second, you have to cross the pontoons and come back in (-180; 4150). Then take the bridge to go up, then turn around and jump over the hole along the fence.

Then continue straight, then jump on the element on the wall to then go on the stairs. Mount these to find yourself just below the datacron.

Jump on the platform in front, then on the hanging fabrics. Go down on the ledge and go behind the ventilation to return to the datacron thanks to a wooden pontoon.

Cross this pontoon, then climb on the crates by leaning on the decorative elements that protrude.

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