SWTOR 6.0 - Optimization and Statistics # 2

As usual with each expansion, the equipment and statistics of the characters are reviewed. Today, with 6.0 coming, new statistics will be put in place and the calculation laws will be modified. What do we know about these changes?



With the implementation of the new Spoils of War system, the equipment ranks have changed. For more details, we invite you to see the full article on the system, otherwise here is a brief summary of what will be there.

The new indexes extend from index 270 to index 306. The transition between these two values ​​is intended to be gradual. Indexes will increase 2 by 2 on Story Mode, Veteran, and Flashpoint Master content. Sometimes it can evolve faster on a higher difficulty, but impossible to predict what we will get, because the rewards will be distributed randomly around the current index equipped.

There are still some similarities with the known system. First, parts without modifications can be collected and will make it easier to increase the index, but they will not have a set bonus. They will also be distributed by quality as follows:

  • Green quality : index 270 to 275
  • Blue quality : index 276 to 285
  • Purple quality : 286 to 299
  • Yellow quality : 300 to 306



With the rise in level, new curves were put in place. Unlike the last two extensions, there is more than leveling up because some values, in the calculation parameters, have changed.

  • Alacrity
  • Critical
  • Precision
  • Bouclier
  • Defense
  • Absorption

Alacrité = 30*(1-(1-(0,01/0,5))^(("index d'alacrité"/75)/1,2))

Critical = 30 * (1- (1- (0,01 / 0,5594)) ^ (("critical index" / 75 / 0,8)))

Precision = 30 * (1- (1- (0,01 / 0,5995)) ^ (("precision index" / 75) / 1))

Shield = 50 * (1- (1- (0,01 / 0,6378)) ^ (("shield index" / 75) / 1))

Defense = 30 * (1- (1- (0,01 / 0,39675)) ^ (("defense index" / 75) / 1,6))

Absorption = 50*(1-(1-(0,01/0,66435))^(("index d'absorption"/75)/0,8))

For connoisseurs, the correlation coefficient, or the indicator of the precision of the calculated values, is R² = 1. That is to say that the formulas indicate precisely all the values ​​on which we have based ourselves to determine them. We used several tens of values ​​on the PTS and 10 verification values ​​on the LIVE. Here are the corresponding curves:

Alacrity (With special 0%, 3% and 5%) Critical Precision

Absorption Bouclier Defense


Equipment and optimization

Failing to play a tank character, I will focus on the statistics for DPS characters, and incidentally healer considering that we put more alacrity and criticism to reach better caps in the absence of precision.



From the curves it becomes possible to deduce the best combination of sophistication and improvement to have the heading of 110% accuracy. Likewise, it is possible to deduce the best types of equipment for shields and modules in certain cases. We therefore based our calculations on information from index equipment 306.


With this index and without stim, we need 3 improvements and 3 sophistication / atrium / precision implants. This will then give 110,12% accuracy, the closest course and consuming the fewest precision points to be reached. By using the "optimal" sophistication, that is to say the sophistications initiatives 80, it is this value which is reached.

However, it becomes possible to arrive at exactly 110% with Precision index 1591 (1590,29 rounded up), taking into account the 1% given by the partner bonus and 9% by the index. for this it is necessary to decrease the index of precision with sophistications initiative 80-1 (or 80-2, 80-3 ...) to go down to the precise index. This will benefit us, because this decrease will be accompanied by a gain in power.

If you opt for an optimization with a stim precision, it will then require 1 improvement and 3 sophistication. The same remark can be made as for the optimization without stim, by slightly lowering the sophistication, it becomes possible to return in the same way to 110% precision.


Personnellement, my choice goes to the combination with stim. So I will need 3 sophistications initiative 80R-7 (with 418 precision and more power) and 1 precision improvements 74 (purple news with 108 index).

Edit: The version with stim is more interesting because of the upgrade. Mastery and Potency stats are reset to a maximum value in instances of level 70 or lower. Versatile stims therefore do not add anything in dps specialization and an additional tertiary stat benefit is more advantageous because they remain calibrated on equipment and level 75.



The alacrity keeps a priori the same functioning as in 5.9, no change having been announced during two successive patch-notes of the first week. The global cooldown, GCD, or waiting time between the use of two skills is always heading towards alacrity.

Contrary to what was announced in 3.0 or 4.0 when the alacrity was changed initially, the GCD does not change directly with each progression of the alacrity index. The skill reload times do this, as does the resource gain (energy, force, heat ...) but the GCD progresses in stages. Basically it is 1,5 seconds, and changes to 1,4 seconds at 7,15% alacrity and 1,3 seconds at 15,41% alacrity et 1,2 seconds at 25% alacrity.

It will therefore be necessary to reach or exceed the following values ​​to reach these caps.

  • 1,5 seconds: 0 alacrity index.
  • 1,4 seconds: 1213 alacrity index.
  • 1.3 seconds: 3212 alacrity index.
  • 1,2 seconds: 7983 alacrity index.

For specializations with + 3% alacrity (Arsenal, Artillery, Carnage, Combat), you will need:

  • 1,4 seconds: 664 alacrity index.
  • 1.3 seconds: 2379 alacrity index.
  • 1,2 seconds: 5889 alacrity index.

For specializations with + 5% alacrity (Lightning Bolt and Telekinesis), you will need:

  • 1,4 seconds: 332 alacrity index.
  • 1.3 seconds: 1899 alacrity index.
  • 1,2 seconds: 4894 alacrity index.

The 1,3 second cap is only to be considered in the current state if you play on a specialization with an alacrity bonus, the critical loss would be too great otherwise. The 1,2 second heading is given as an indication but is never used. We are intentionally ignoring guild bonuses which can provide 5% alacrity or crit as they will not be active in master mode operations.



Depending on the values ​​you put in precision and alacrity, you will then have a certain number of critical points left. Mastery always increases Crit Chance, but only Critical Rating affects both Chance and Multiplier at the same time.

In total, with 74 upgrades and 80 (no dash) sophistications, there are 5904 points to invest. If precision and accuracy are removed, then it remains at about these values ​​for the critical index:

  • 1,4 seconds: 3100 critical index (value that we recommend).
  • 1.3 seconds: 1101 critical index.

For specializations with + 3% alacrity (Arsenal, Artillery, Carnage, Combat), you will need:

  • 1,4 seconds: 3649 critical index (value that we recommend).
  • 1.3 seconds: 1934 critical index.

For specializations with + 5% alacrity (Lightning Bolt and Telekinesis), you will need:

  • 1,4 seconds: 3981 critical index.
  • 1.3 seconds: 2414 critical index.

The choice is harder in this distribution without further testing. With 2414 of critical index this would give in total only 15,4% of multiplier, or 65,4% with the base. It seems to me very low for a specialization playing with a critical auto. I would therefore lean more towards a higher cap in criticism and less alacrity despite the advantage of specialization.

Thanks to Nimis and Bakuhatsu for the help given in determining the formulas. 

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