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Since not much has happened today, this is your chance to share a riddle Republicans can find on Balmorra north of the Makaran Plains.

To get there, take a taxi to the second zone. At the exit of the camp where the taxi drops you, there is a guy who gives a quest for a heroic zone +2, take it to locate the place by following the quest indicator. You have to go to the far end of the area, there are antennas and 2 large cannons, one of the two is deactivated and connected to a network of transformers.

The goal is to activate all the transformers (the pillars) to start the cannon! Here are the basic principles that govern the pillars of this area:

  • each pillar is connected to at least 2 other pillars (see the cables in height). There is a central pillar which is connected to 4 pillars (one of two).
  • initially, the pillars are either "on" or "off"
  • each time a pillar is "activated" (click) it changes state. So if it was on, it goes off and vice versa.
  • each time an abutment is "activated" it also changes the state of all the abutments which are connected directly to it.

Overall this gives a 3x3 square in which we consider the corners as the pillars not connected in the middle. This is not necessarily obvious at first glance, so here is a solution generator for lazy people: You just have to choose a square of 3 by 3 and click on edit to position the starting situation. Then solve and it gives you the pillars to activate.

And here is another generator, intended for a similar DDO puzzle:

This quest gives you 3 Mark of Balmorra or a blue item.

Thanks to Falhstaff for this information!

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