SWTOR - Achievements: Monsters of Makeb

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One of the new successes in Swtor consists of zigzagging ten champion bosses on Makeb. Heat up the cannons and sabers, and direction Makeb.

These bosses are difficult to achieve on your own, a tank and a healer are recommended, some bosses hitting really hard.



J'virgo & Nigh Kris

Owned by Solida Hesk - J'virgo (54k PV) - Nigh Kris (260k PV)



Ponant Water Camp - 400k PV



Volcanic Mesa - 360k HP



Mining Mesa - 266k HP


Threatening Tooth

The Sanctuary - 830k HP

This boss looks pretty buggy. Surrounded by a force field that cannot be deactivated, it is necessary to climb the structure to be able to pass through the top. After many trials, using bump and grap, we finally managed to climb to the top, but without being able to get inside. It was with a collision bug that I was able to enter, but alone. With a second stroke of luck because the boss was also buggy, because he did not attack me. So I was able to zigzag it quietly. I advise you to wait until the path is debugged, it will save you a lot of trouble ^^


Fall algae

Frinn's Table - 260k PV



Mesa d'Aboro / mesa de Brakan - 300k PV



Talaos City - 420k PV

This boss has the particularity of having different buffs depending on the environment he is in. When he is in the water, his armor is reinforced. However, when he's on dry land, it's his damage that increases.



Telemur table - 260k PV


A big big thank you to my Pappys Warriors Galactic companions: Styxor, Arthemyse et Menadel !

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