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In Star Wars: The Old Republic it is possible to forge bonds of friendship or love with your crewmates, there are several methods for this that I will describe to you in this guide.


What's the point ?

The affection your partners have for you will benefit you in several areas, here are some examples:

  • Reduction of craft time / mission duration and possible improvement of their performance in them
  • Regular discussions with them which will allow you to learn more about them while earning a lot of experience points!
  • Unlocking certain quests which touch on the history of your companion, which will always bring you more experience and affection
  • Possibility of being in a relationship with one of your companions

You will have understood that there are a lot of positive points, it will depend on your desires and what you want to invest in it. Now let's take a look at the different ways to be loved by your companions.


The art of being loved

A. Identify his personality

During your social interactions with the NPCs in the game, there are certain choices that your partner will like or dislike. By knowing him well and choosing the right answers, you will very easily be able to raise the gauge of affection. To know the right behavior to adopt you just have to consult your Codex in the category "Important characters"> Name of your companion. You will quickly learn to behave the way they like it and make you appreciate them.

During a conversation, you may notice at the bottom left of the screen a small portrait of your companion followed by a value displayed each time you make a choice that affects him, whether for good or for bad. wrong. Certain actions will not please him but will not penalize you very much (-1 is what is most often found in basic conversations) but when something important arises the decision taken can quickly make you sink in his esteem, the same goes for actions that will please him of course. (the minimum gain for a "pleasant" choice is +15)

The example used for the following thumbnails concerns an NPC who welcomed me, Khem Val being a companion who likes to "Make stupid people miserable" this is what happened:

Hello, Lieutenant.

Rather sober as a home.

Note that you will be able to experience conversations multiple times, just press ESC to quit an ongoing conversation, feel free to talk to the NPC again multiple times with different choices to get what you want.

As you already know you don't get your companions at the same time in the game, you will get some companions late to see towards the end of your leveling, to compensate for this Bioware introduced what I will call here the seniority multiplier. This will allow you to easily catch up to the level of affection that you have already obtained with your usual pet, for example. I will also come back to the +15 above and show you what a "basic pleasant choice" offers as points with my other partners (I have arranged these in the order they were obtained)

It is therefore a very practical system that will allow you to easily increase the affection of all your characters. Here is the seniority multiplier of my companions (Sith Inquisitor)

  •  First Companion: 1
  •  Second Companion:  1.86
  •  Third Companion:  2.73
  • Fourth Companion: 3.73
  • Last Companion: 6.83

The later you get your companion, the higher the multiplier will be, in Sith Inquisitor we get Xalek at level 47, hence the very high multiplier.


B. Give him what he likes!

Each companion has its own tastes, throughout the game you will have the opportunity to get your hands on gifts for partners several times. Offer it to the right partner to score a lot of points. To find out exactly what appeals to your familiar, I advise you to see these specific tables.

  • Sith Inquisitor
  • Sith warrior
  • Bounty hunter
  • Imperial Agent
  • Jedi knight
  • Jedi Consular
  • Smuggler
  • Soldier

As you will see, there are 4 specific affection levels for partner gifts:

  • Dislikes: Will not earn you any points
  • Likes: Will earn you a minimum amount of points
  • Likes a lot: Will earn you a reasonable amount of points
  • Likes a lot (Favorites): Will earn you a large amount of points

I also added a nuance in case of romance state, this one is in the right box (when it is split in two)

There are 10 different categories of gifts:

  • Arms
  • Military equipment
  • Frequent
  • Luxury
  • Technology
  • Souvenirs of the Republic
  • Memories of the Empire
  • Cultural artifacts
  • Trophy
  • Underworld goods

It also exists 5 Grades(1/2/3/4/5) pet gifts as well as 3 different qualities (Green / Blue / Artifact). Each of these will yield a different amount of affection depending on your partner's tastes, relationship status, and your current relationship level.

The Relationship Level: Your partner's Affection Gauge has a limit that is set at 10000, at a certain stage lower grade gifts will earn less affection than before. Arrived for example beyond 2000 it will be preferable to offer gifts of grade higher than 2 to your companion, and so on. The gifts take their true value when they touch the level concerned, for example a gift of grade 5 on a companion of level 1 will certainly give a lot of affection but less than if it were level 5.

  • Tier 1: from 0 to 2000
  • Tier 2: from 2000 to 4000
  • Tier 3: from 4000 to 6000
  • Tier 4: from 6000 to 8000
  • Tier 5: from 8000 to 10000

In the giving of gifts also multipliers also seem to appear but do not concern only the seniority, it would be rather a kind of calculation combining all the above-mentioned characteristics. Subject that I would surely explore another day.


C. The best method?

There really isn't one, it's up to you to see and organize yourself as you see fit. The case that comes up most often will be I think this one:

I am "such class / such specialization" and I need "such companion" to have no harm during my leveling, so I will drag him with me from my level of obtaining to the maximum level without almost never change companion for dialogues and fights. (Example: Most Sith Wizards will use Khem Val from start to finish)

Continuing on this example, you will therefore reach the maximum level with a Khem Val who appreciates you a lot and a team rest who will only have gained affection points during your briefings aboard your ship.

To avoid this kind of situation, I can offer you these solutions:

  • Regularly offer gifts to your other partners. Green grade 1s cost 200credit / u and green grade 2 cost 600 / u. By taking into account the tastes of your companion and giving him what he likes above all the cost for 0 - 4000 should not be too high.
  • If you have other characters with a Mission Crew skill, please send them there.
  • Go to the galactic market, there are grade 5 blue quality gifts at very affordable prices!

Taking the time to build the affection of your partners during leveling can become very profitable in terms of XP earned, each conversation will earn you a large amount of experience points (much higher than a normal quest) and will unlock from time to time. bonus missions time. All it takes is a little willpower and a significant credit investment.


Help, my companion wants to talk to me in private!

If you start to take an interest in your companions, this is something that will happen to you very often. At the start of your relationship they will settle for a quiet corner like the cantina to talk to you, but over time they will prefer the privacy your ship offers to share their feelings and problems with you.

When your companion wants to talk with you, a small box is added at the top left of his portrait, quickly go to a cantina or your ship to chat with him. (The place he wants will be stipulated)

Private dialogues represent unique opportunities to learn more about your partner and above all to get as much affection as possible by choosing the right answers. (do not hesitate to "ESC" and start the conversation several times to get the perfect score)


How to get gifts?

There are different ways to get Pet gifts, I'll try to describe them all to you:


  • Partner Gift Shop: Grade 1 "green" gifts for 200 credits, Grade 2 "green" gifts for 600 credits. You will find these merchants in the Imperial / Republic Fleet.
  • The Galactic Market: Many players acquire gifts throughout their wanderings, you will often find partner gifts at affordable prices.
  • Exchanging Gift Fragments: The Fleet Curator will exchange your Gift Fragments for Green / Blue / Artifact Grade 5 goods (More information below)


B. Mission skills

The 4 mission skills in the game currently will have the possibility of earning you gifts. The treasure hunt seems to stand out from the others because in addition to the gifts you will be able to obtain "Fragments of gifts"

As said in A the gift fragments will allow you to acquire gifts against fragments obtained via the two above-mentioned mission skills. There are three types of gift fragments.

  • Superior Quality Gift Fragments: Green quality, you can exchange 12 for a Grade 5 "green" gift from the curator.
  • Prototype Gift Fragments: Blue quality, you can exchange 6 for a Grade 5 "blue" gift from the curator.
  • Fragments of artifact gifts: Artifact quality, you can exchange 8 for a Grade 5 "artifact" gift from the curator

Note: Gift Fragments are not salable in the Galactic Market but are mailable and exchangeable.


C. The Mail Post Quest, the love mail

It will often happen that after completing a quest, the NPC will send you a letter later with a pet gift attached. Just as it will happen that once in a state of romance with one of your companions, this one will send you from time to time love letters with a nice gift as an attachment.


Bad Romance

At a certain point in your relationship with your companion, he will declare his love to you, at that time you will have the right to repack him or declare your love to him in return. Breaking your partner's heart will hurt him a lot and change your relationship with him forever.

(Note: Currently it is not possible to maintain homosexual relations, Bioware to announce that he wanted to make this possible but is still currently under some pressure from associations who do not want to see it)

When you are in a state of romance with your partner, you will be able during your future conversations to use your charms to get from him what you want, from a simple kiss to marriage to sexual relations. When you get to the wedding stage, your loved one will send you love letters on a regular basis.

I will conclude this guide with some funny letters from my husband Malavai Quinn. Thank you for following this guide and see you soon?

Letter from Malavai Quinn

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