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Since the creation of the Republic, the nobility of Alderaan has played a leading political role, taking a stand in the Senate in favor of peace, freedom and union. If Coruscant has always been considered the heart of the Republic, Alderaan was its soul. But following the Treaty of Coruscant, Alderaan withdrew from the Republic and quickly became the scene of one of the bloodiest civil wars in the history of the galaxy. The future of this once glorious planet is now more threatened than ever.

Renowned for its bewitching beauty, Alderaan, with its verdant forests and snow-capped mountain ranges, has always been an idyllic land. Like the serenity emanating from the landscape, the political climate on Alderaan had in the past always been serene, although the crown circulated widely among the noble houses. But the Great War upset the secular balance of Alderaan. In an attempt to undermine the morale of the Republic, the Sith Empire is invading the planet in droves, quickly overpowering local defensive forces and taking the royal family hostage. The retaliation was as swift as it was effective: the Republic and the Jedi united their courage to come to the aid of Alderaan. The heroes of the Republic annihilated the invaders and inflicted a stinging defeat on the Sith Empire.

But that did not mean that the imperial invasion was forgotten. For the first time in history, the leadership of Alderaan advocated offensive military action in the Senate. When the Treaty of Coruscant was signed a few years later, the Crown Prince of Alderaan left the Senate in protest. Alderaan withdrew from the Republic and became an independent system. The decision of the crown prince divided the population: while some approved it, others cried scandal. Despite the controversy, order reigned until the death of the queen, without an heir, the blaster of an assassin having taken the life of the prince a few days earlier. The parliament of Alderaan was then faced with an inextricable dilemma: to which noble house would the throne go? When one of the houses attempted to impose itself by force, an unprecedented civil war broke out.

Complicating the situation further, one of Alderaan's forgotten houses is now back, with the support of the Empire, to reclaim its position, while the Republic has lined up behind the honorable House Organa. Although neither of the two superpowers has ground troops, rivalries over Alderaan may well end up causing a return to galactic conflict. But despite the chaos and violence into which the political climate has sunk, the richness of its history and the beauty of its surroundings make Alderaan a world of the first rank. The question is, who will take control of this gem?

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Noble houses of Alderaan wage a merciless civil war to seize the throne

Forests, hills and snow-capped mountains

Following the coruscant trade, Alderaan left the Galactic Republic

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