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You may have noticed that with the arrival of update 4.3 and chapter 12 of KotFE, a new alliance alert arrived, without a name in the spanish version but allowing you to recruit a new partner, namely a Dashade. Here is a little guide to help you coax the beast.

First you have to go to the archaeological research camps on Yavin IV, the same camp where you recruited Talos Drellik. Indeed his team made new discoveries and asked for your help. You can access it quickly by clicking on the option "join the alert location" when you pick up the mission in the Alliance tab.

Once there you are asked to read the research notes and take the Sith artifacts, namely 7 tablets.

Reading the notes you discover that a tablet is missing as well as a Sith medallion decorated with a crystal, lost after the team was attacked by a giant massassi. Go to the place of the attack, in the cave of the rock-rays next to the Massassi temple.

You find the body of Harris, the expedition member who carried the missing artifacts, as well as the final piece of the puzzle behind her. You search his pockets and find the rest of the locket, which is missing the crystal.

You need to use this medallion further into the cave to attract the crystal holder, who turns out to be a giant rock ray. Face the beast, recover the gem from its corpse and use it from your mission items, in your inventory. There you go, the medallion is repaired.

You just need a tablet, but it's not in the cave. Exit, take an immediate left and find a small chest in the temple ruins, on the left of the area. It is not very difficult to spot. Open it, and you will then be attacked by a towering massassi. Defeat him to get the Victory Tablet. Then go back to the last artifact.

You are in possession of all the pieces and you can then begin to solve the riddle. It is quite simple, you have 8 shelves for 5 slots, you have to insert the 5 right shelves in the right order.

I refer you to the Sith code to find the solution:

Peace is a lie, there is only passion
Through passion I have the power
By the power I have the power
By the power I have the victory
And by victory my chains break
The Force will set me free

Good for those who would not find despite this big clue, already go (re) take lessons on Koriban, and then here is the spoiler solution:

Order of tablets

Just place the tablet of passion first, then that of might, power, victory and finally that of broken chains.

Once you have placed the tablets in the correct order, the artifact will react, and you only need to touch it with the medallion to be transported to a dashade's prison. You can try to talk to him but he is hungry ... Fortunately for you his long stay in stasis has weakened him and he is easily defeated.

Once submitted, he becomes a little more talkative and he realizes that his goals are not that far from yours, so he offers without too much reluctance to serve you the time to be able to satisfy his revenge. three choices available to you, one bright and two dark. You can take him with you, release him or imprison him again. It should be noted that these last two choices certainly correspond to a hidden success but I cannot tell you that since I decided to go to the end of the quest and recruit the monster.

In any case, however, you will have to return to Professor Oggurob to complete the quest.


Your journey on Yavin IV is now complete, and here you are (perhaps) with a dashade to serve you. Make sure he doesn't get too close to the Alliance Force enclave though, it could be problematic ...

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