SWTOR - Ancient Hypergate War Zone

This new Warzone was released with Update 1.6. It is carried out in 3 rounds. Note that a team can very well catch up in one round the delay it took in the previous two. It prevents (or not) that some players give up and stay on their defense points to kill enemies.


In this new war zone there are 2 objectives:

  1. the capture of at least one of the 2 pylons
  2. rapid data recovery and routing to captured pylons

The more data there is brought back to your pylon, the more your points counter increases, the more points the explosion of your pylon will earn. And from the moment your team has captured a pylon, each death increases your point total as well.

Sequence of a phase

Once the 2 pylons have been acquired by the teams, a countdown begins until they explode. It is necessary from this moment to bring back a maximum of data and to make a maximum of deaths. Once the pylons are loaded, they explode: you only have a few seconds to run to the middle of the map to be spared.



Here is how I see it, I warn you I have not tested this ZG as a team yet.

Tactical 2/4/0 (or 4/2/0): two players capture the pylon and defend it while the other 4 fetch the data and remain attentive in case of arrival to fall back on their pylon. They are there to annoy the opposing team as much as possible and bring back the data.

A system of rotation can thus be effected between the players. The advantage of this strategy is reactivity and adaptability (management of arrivals or inc). In this technique we gain points with the data and also with enemy deaths (preferably!).



A few tips

To win this war zone, as for others, communication is the key to everything. If you don't have a way to communicate, announce a strategy at the start and remember to look at your map every time you come back to life to go somewhere where you will be of use to your team.

Thanks to Alknor for this guide.

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