SWTOR - Assassin Tank and Deception (2.5)

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A player, Nëøo, Assassin Tank on the Darth Nihilus server, gave me video guides about the Assassin in PvE. As at Swtor-Guide we like to chat, I asked him to provide me with a slightly more extensive presentation that you will find below.


Assassin Tank (2.4)

Talent tree




  1. Dark area to refresh
  2. Wilting
  3. Dump
  4. Electrochoc
  5. Correct, Mayhem, or Assassination to trigger Stimulation
  6. Electroshock with Stimulation
  7. Bolt of Strength with 3 charges of Relentless Darkness
  8. Coup de sabre


  • Always maintain Dark Zone.
  • Use Saber Strike below 20 Strength.
  • To use Electroshock with or without Stimulation (not to use it all the time as soon as available to wait for stimulation is a pure loss of animosity).
  • Use Correct, Mangle, or Assassination to trigger Stimulation.
  • Use Force Bolt with 3x Relentless Darkness.
  • Maintain the Wither and Discharge debuffs.


Optimization (distribution of statistics)

So I'm going for an Index optimization (the endurance optimization will be quite nerve-racking):

  • Willpower / Stamina Armor: those that give the most endurance.
  • Defense Will / Absorption Will modification: those that give the most endurance (more interesting ratio) and adjust between defense and absorption.
  • Sophistication Shield Defense / Shield Absorption: those that generally give the least stamina and adjust between defense and absorption.


  • Defense & Absorption: you have to adjust both statistics, defense still lags around 19% -23% depending on the equipment and absorption between 40% -48%.
  • Trigger Shield: it increases on its own, you must have it at 55% with the Dark Zone.
  • Endurance: it increases on its own.
  • Improvements: We take Absorption improvements to maximize absorption.

Ideal distribution of statistics:


Assassin Deception

This second video, you will understand, tells us about the specialty of deception.


2.5 update

This third video provides details on the previous two following the changes made by 2.5.


Nëøo, Assassin Tank (Darth Nihilus)

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