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In an MMO and a fortiori in a futuristic MMO, you will have to travel: on the planet, between the places of quest, but also between the planets! So I said to myself that, to fully enjoy the game, it would be good to give a brief update on the means of getting around the game.


The brands

When you are new to the game, poor level 1, slave or young recruit, you still have no glory and you can only move with your feet ... It is long, dusty and tiring but there is no has no other solution!

There are a few disturbing tips about walking management. Already, the character does not leave traces ... suddenly, we have a little the impression of not really walking on the ground. Water management is also quite strange. There are puddles here and there, but when you walk through it, it stays the same, just a shiny surface on the ground. On the other hand, there is a wake when the water is deeper.

I don't know if the characters are swimming, I never managed to find water deep enough (waist deep enough) and it still wasn't swimming.

At level 14, you get the life-changing sprint! The character now runs 35% faster, a buff that only works out of combat.


The fast trip

This system is brilliant but very poorly explained. It does not work like in other games where we bind to a unique place, a landmark where we can return thanks to a spell or an object in our inventory (the classic hearthstone!).

Indeed, here, there are terminals near the quest areas (usually near the taxi). When you click on it, then it is unlocked and now you can come back to it every hour thanks to the Fast Travel spell (a kind of blue globe, on my left bar, at the top of the screens below).

The Fast Travel spell takes 6 seconds to activate and is available every 30 minutes.

When you click on the Fast Travel spell, it opens a map. There are two types of small icons that look very similar:
- one with a small upward arrow: it's good, the point is saved, you can travel there
- one with a small padlock: this place is not uncovered, you must walk there first!

To find your way around, on your minimap (bottom right of the screen), you will have the icon showing you the nearby return points. This option also exists on the map (Return point, 5th option).

If the point is blocked, then it will be marked in red: "Undiscovered location". If no nasty message, just a nice blue "Click to travel" message, that's good! You just have to click and presto, you teleport! Convenient and fast!



Taxis are often paired with fast travel, with transport droids always sitting next to a kiosk. Normal at the same time: this is the solution used when you have to walk around and the Fast Travel spell is on cooldown!

For the moment, I have only seen droids at the reception of this practical and inexpensive means of transport (about ten credits from what I could see). If you don't know this taxi yet, then the icon will be a circle with a double arrow in it. If you already know this taxi, then there will only be the double arrow.


When speaking with a droid, a map opens showing the different destinations available depending on what is unlocked or not.


Here is a small overview of my characters walking on the two modes of transport that I used: a speed bike and a 2-seater speeder.


And here are some stationary vehicles:



When you want to leave a planet and do not yet have your own ship, you have no choice but to use public transport. I do not recommend the Esseless and Serre Noire transportations, it would seem that they are not very safe ... Although longer, the shuttles are much safer!

When we leave a planet, we go through a spaceport. It's a place, often big and cold, with droids, ships, big screens everywhere! There is only on Korriban where it is only a simple shuttle posed in the middle of nowhere.


To take a shuttle, you have to click on the door (it sparkles slightly blue). It opens a small window with the available destinations. The small pictogram representing a snowman's head (the first line on my screen impression) indicates the level where you are.

The first time, when you travel, you must first join your faction's Fleet (Republic Fleet and Imperial Fleet). And only from there you can take a shuttle to reach the capital. You will be entitled (most of the time) to a nice little cinematic of the shuttle leaving the planet.


Personal vehicles

Once at level 25 it is possible to buy the skill which costs 40 credits (a sum quite achievable if you don't ruin yourself in crew skills). There are many purchasable mounts here and there that cost between 000k and 8k credits. The Czerka patrol boat can be bought from the Republic Fleet, the other two from Alderaan. These mounts go at 12%.

A second rank of mount can be purchased at level 40 for the tidy sum of 210 credits. But we only gain 000% more speed to go now to 10%.

Thanks to Eurydyelle for the frames!

Personal vessel

Once the story quests of the first area are completed, you get your ship. No more public transport! You can access your ship via priority access dedicated to your class directly in the spaceport (instantiated area visible thanks to a green halo on the entrance).

As a reminder, each advanced class has a different ship except for the Force classes which share the same ship for the two Sith classes and the two Jedi classes.


Here is the interior of the Jedi Ship:


You know everything now and I hope you are already walking around the amazing world of Star Wars: The Old Republic!

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