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And here's a 4th beta report by Raxus who played Sith Inquisitor. If you too want to publish your return from Beta (or even from the game once the game is released), do not hesitate to contact me!


Hello everyone, let me introduce myself, Raxus, future Sith Inquisitor, I discovered the MMO universe 6 years ago, and the list of games is too long to be fully described. I'm mainly a PvE gamer but PvP doesn't bother me all the more when it's consistent!

So you guessed it my subject is, the Sith Inquisitor! Let's start this soberly, I'll go into more detail later.

This article reflects my opinion only, and nothing else.

What makes <span style="">inlingua</span> different
-The DPS
-The buffs
-The heal (- also)
-The first companion (- also)
-Le gameplay
-the CC

The -
-The heal
-The first companion
-Les 10 premier LVL's
-The AOE


So let's start with the most! 

The Inquisitor is of course a DPS class by its basic form. Whether by his various skills such as force flash and other DOT as crushing darkness.

It also has a small panel of rather interesting buffs: Mark of power and especially a lightning shield which is very practical! Although effective, there are too few heals and they consume too much force as well as too much cooldown, which can pose some problems at the level of instances hence the fact that it is placed in the most and the least! Ditto for the partner Khem Val, efficient, a little too can be, however its acquisition is not done without difficulty since it is imperative to beat it to obtain it, with a race resistant to the force, not necessarily obvious!

The gameplay is really not bad, it is not common to have a class of big DPS and alternative heal, anyway it offers a rather original type of game. Finally the CC which can be very practical, the immobilization of 1 minute with the vortex, the immobilization, the paralysis, in short the Inquisitor is a rather good class.


The least necessarily.

Resistance, wearing light, we die very often at the beginning, especially until obtaining Khem Val, no protection spell, skills that hit but impose no hindrance (or very little). You will understand that the beginnings are difficult!

Once Khem Val is obtained the game becomes a little too easy, given the latter's tanking abilities. The heal is a big black spot, although effective it is not necessary to count on taking the Inquisitor as sole healer, at a pinch two Inquisitors specialized in healing, or a secret agent would be more effective 2 basic heal spells, 1 spell in skill tree (inqui lvl 20).

In PVP this is where the massacre operates, while the Inquisitor is a raw DPS, however, he does not have any AOE (at lvl 20 always) which poses a huge concern when we find ourselves with 5 enemies on the face , the overload pushes them back, but its cooldown is too high to be effective.



The Inquisitor is for me a very good class of DPS very interesting for the PVE, surely for the PVP too (I have to admit that I had a terrible stuff) however it is very far from its consular counterpart.

In summary: The Wizarding Inquisitor is a rather versatile class, a light tanking possibility (thanks to the shield) of good healing capacities (although limited anyway) and a good big DPS. The beginnings are the most difficult (all classes and alignment combined) but the game is worth the effort! As far as the scenario is concerned, I personally find it very fun!

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