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Please note, this article covers the elements of the Bounty Hunter class history quest. It therefore contains spoilers. Be sure to go out if you don't want to know them.

Since the Secret Service of the Sith Empire reunited the Mandalorian clans, their Mandalore leaders have been increasing the Great Hunts, bounty hunter competitions. Ten years after the Treaty of Coruscant, a new one is declared. For old Braden, this is the last chance to become a legend. On Nal Hutta, he brings together a team: Mako the hacker, Jory the Nikto bodyguard and a young hunter to guide them to victory. There are not many places left to participate in this Big Hunt, fortunately the local hutt manager Nem'ro can distribute one of the authorizations. But there is also a Mandalorian faction that does not want outsiders to participate in a clan tradition. And a group led by Tarro Blood (although born outside the clans, and having joined them in a previous Great Hunt) slaughter Braden and Jory. Having finally seized their sesame, Mako and the hunter swear to avenge them.

Having an entry ticket for the Big Hunt is not enough to participate. The Mandalorians make their own selection from those who are not part of their clans. On Dromund Kaas, the Empire's capital, a Wookiee Hunting Master assigns each candidate a supervisor who will guide them if they succeed in qualifying. That of the hunter and Mako is called Crysta Markon. She guided them to capture targets like an Alderaanian nobleman hidden among slaves or a Sith apprentice. But in the end, it was by facing their rivals that they won for last place. Tarro Blood could curse, his superiors had spoken. There remained one last test: stealing a ship to move around better. A particularly formidable Mante D5 predator hunter. And even one last deceit from the much-hated rival doesn't stop the duo from heading to their next target. Towards their beginnings in the Great Hunt, in search of glory and revenge.

And the Great Hunt begins on Balmora in pursuit of Admiral Ivernus, a high-ranking Imperial officer who used mercenaries and Mandalorians as cannon fodder to protect his own troops. The two bounty hunters took on the service of an ambitious major who dreamed of bringing down his superior to take his place. An action that would force the admiral to leave his cruiser in orbit to rectify all this. So they set off on a great sabotage operation, until their goal. And too bad for the rival who would have had the same idea.

Mako having grown up on Nar Shaddaa, she has contacts to help find the next target: the Eidolon, a fearsome killer converted into security. But such an individual is dangerous to hunt, and the contacts employed are eliminated. Including a childhood friend of Mako. The young woman demands revenge, and the worst possible fate for their prey. Especially since other twists come to disrupt the Great Hunt. Agents of Tarro Blood arranged for a middleman to sell the names of the targets of the Big Hunt. Except his, to get rid of the competition. And who was chosen to prevent this on-time sale? But officially, this little detour will not be worth indulgence in future judgments for the hunter.

On Tatooine, the new target is a Devaronian named Tyresius Lokai, a criminal for whom several organizations and cartels have increased the bounty and who has crash-landed in the desert on the planet's surface. He has already managed to bribe a pursuer to give up the hunt. But faced with the duo, he is quickly forced to flee. Give up all your plans and hope to find a new one to escape. But when corruption, flight, and resistance fail, what is left? The corpse of a clone as proof of his death and the proposal to enlist as a partner under the name of Gault Rennow. After a little reflection, he is accepted on board.

The end of the Great Hunt draws near. On Alderande, you have to find Duke Corwin, nicknamed the Duke of Duracier. Except that this one is already dead, his allies hiding this information to take advantage of his aura. We must recover the corpse to prove the end of this hunt. Then an old Mandalorian invites for a secret meeting on Nar Shaddaa. Former champion of the Great Hunt, Hedarr Soongh wants to introduce the finalist to Mandalorian customs. He wants to prove to him that Tarro Blood and his men are not representative of the clans but on the contrary pervert the teachings of elders like him. But those he denounces disembark to assassinate him. Only the leader is missing, already gone to look for the last target. This is Jedi Master Kellian Jaro, a notorious Mandalorian slayer from the last war. He easily manages to stop this new assailant and takes him prisoner. That's good, the detention area is in the middle of the infiltration route decided by his rival and Mako. So they can avenge Braden before they finish the job and capture their last target. The Mandalorians have a new Grand Hunt Champion.

As the new Grand Champion of the Big Hunt and his associates enjoy a well-deserved success, Mandalore the Innocent, supreme leader of the Mandalorians, invites him aboard his flagship the Spirit of Vengeance. There, he introduces him to the other winners of the Big Hunt, a group who are the only ones to access the Black List, the most prestigious targets in the galaxy. But at least one Mandalorian needs to be a part of it, and Artus of Clan Lok's political obligations force him to prioritize other actions. The leader of the clans must leave his place within them. So he adopts this last champion so that he succeeds him in this company. The last member must then prove himself on Taris, against Jicoln Cadera who has been hiding there since his rebellion against Mandalore the Innocent failed. In this, he will gain the help of Torian, the son of Jicoln, who wants to regain the honor of his clan. This bounty was supposed to be impossible to earn, and all previous Black List Grand Champions had failed. A hazing which ultimately turned out very well.

The fame of the new Grand Champion of the Big Hunt is such that the company Adascorp contacts him to come and negotiate a contract on Quesh to advertise his doping agents. However, this turned out to be the SIS trap. The Republic wishes to avenge Jedi Master Kellian Jaro, and has dispatched several units to pose as the Arkanian Company. Fortunately, their light equipment is not as effective as Mandalorian armor and advanced flamethrower type weaponry. Eliminating them is therefore possible.

Hoth is officially under chiss control, but the White Claw pirates are challenging them that sovereignty. That's why they call on the Black List to eliminate Reneget Vause, one of their bosses. This one, trandoshan, accepts to fight only according to his rules. Fortunately, one of his men betrayed the jawa Blizz, who doesn't hesitate to help by providing information. Which earned him to be freed and join the group of bounty hunters. The crew then travel to Nar Shaddaa, where the other Black List members have hosted a casino party to celebrate their new member. But the SIS got wind of it and sent a better equipped squad. The three members of the Black List are slaughtered before the Mandalorian arrives. On the Holonet, Mako discovers that the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic Janarus has placed the Grand Champion and his comrades on the list of most wanted criminals, for trumped-up acts. After winning the biggest bounty hunter competition, they're knocked down on the other side of the fence.

The Sith Dark Tormen can read between the lines and has an espionage network capable of reporting certain movements to the head of the Republic. He plans to seize Corellia for the Empire, and thus place himself among the candidates for the vacant thrones of the Black Council. He knows how to recognize behind these accusations the paw of Councilor Jun Seros, a war master (special rank related to his martial abilities) of the Jedi Order. His ambitions will give him the means to innocent the Grand Champion if he succeeds, and that is why he offers to put himself at his service. He needs to eliminate allies from their common enemies, such as the smuggler and privateer Zale Barrows who shuttles between Coruscant and Belsavis. The imperial attack on the prison planet allows him to be trapped there. But a houk prisoner named Skadge also has one after him. A new competitor to take down? No, an alliance is possible, and the goal can be shared without having to share the winnings. Besides, Skadge wouldn't spit on a crew that would help him leave the planet. Torian's abduction must also be handled by GenoHaradan, a group with an unknown sponsor who does not like Mandalorians. But everything is fine.

General Kuati Thelonia Redrish is one of the diplomats sent to Voss. It is difficult to manage such a hunt on a neutral planet which does not appreciate the intervention of foreigners. They don't want any conflict at home, nothing more than what they already have. You have to discredit her so that they let him attack her. She seeks to forge a peace treaty that would unify the planet? So we must make it fail, and denounce the time spent negotiating in secret with the enemy of local power. And then there is nothing more than to pick it up.

Darth Tormen is now ready to take his cruiser the Tyrant to orbit Corellia. He has contacts with the Council, the local ruling power. They are ready to switch, which would force Chancellor Janarus and Jun Seros to come to the planet where the Grand Champion could capture them and force them to publicly confess the truth. But for this change, it is still necessary to bring other local authorities to their knees: a great industrialist, a Matriarch according to the family and the police chief CorSec. With the three captured and forced to submit, the Council can declare Corellia a member of the Sith Empire. Of course, it will take more battles for the people to submit. But the goal is also to force the heads of the Republic to come and fight. Jun Seros is slaughtered within the Green Jedi enclave, one of the last points of resistance he was trying to rally to his allies. As for Chancellor Janarus, when he learns that the Mandalorian has boarded the Founder, his ship, he prefers to reveal the whole truth about the Holonet and therefore sacrifice all he could have done in order to save his life. Did it work? The duel between the Tyrant and the Founder left no winner. But the Grand Champion of the Big Hunt got what he wanted: he was exonerated and has a reputation that goes back to the Dark Council.

The Mandalorian is now a respected mercenary, to whom the highest authorities of the Empire do not hesitate to appeal. It has already been deployed on Ilum, on Makeb and in the various battlefields against the Dread Masters. He has not been seen among those close to Mandalore, nor the armies he deploys as an ally of the Empire. But when you look at the bond he has with his crew, isn't that what those who adopted him call a clan?

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